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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you love home baked cookies then you’ll love the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I have for you today.

2 Cups Butter (Softened)
1½ Cup Brown Sugar
½ Cup White Sugar

(Cream the ingredients above first)

4 Eggs (Beaten)
4¾ Cups White Flour
2 tsp. Soda
1 1/3 Cup Instant Vanilla Pudding
3 – 4 Cups Semi-Sweet Choc. Chips

Mix in order given – Pre-­-heat Oven to 350°
Make balls w/Cookie Dropper, Put on Greased Cookie Sheets
Bake 10 – 15 Min. Until Golden Brown



  1. Shannon Wangelin says:

    Hi Abigail,

    My family and I enjoyed your cookies so much. I’m so happy that you have the recipe available to share. I just have one question, does it matter for the soda flavor?

  2. Hi Abigail,
    My family and I enjoyed your cookies. I have a question. With the Vanilla pudding. Do you make the pudding? or do you use the dry ingredients of the instant pudding? Thank you in advance.

  3. Justine Lines says:

    Supper Yummy cookies! We stood in our new building and ate half of them as soon as it got delivered!

  4. Barbara Zahler says:

    Thank you for the great chocolate chip cookies delivered with our garden shed. I am so pleased to have the recipe. I was concerned that my husband would insist on buying another shed just to get more of the cookies.

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