Welcome to Classic Buildings, Your Midwest Leader in Portable Buildings and Storage Sheds


We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our quality store outbuilding’s network. They will provide you the best hands-on service that you deserve when it comes to choosing your new portable building.



Have you been dreaming of using an out building as a guest house or studio? Why wait when you can rent to own storage sheds and have all your portable storage needs met now? Look over the many photos in our gallery.


Our Manufacturing Facility For Portable Buildings In Missouri

portable buildings manufacturing facility

The Classic Buildings manufacturing facilities and main office are located in Central Missouri. This location allows us to better service the state of Missouri and portions of Illinois and Kansas.

All of our buildings are constructed by the very best skilled craftsmen. An update on your project is just a phone call away. If you ever have a question about your new building, a member of our friendly and courteous office staff will be there to help you throughout the building and delivery processes. Why wait to order?

Order all your portable buildings, storage sheds, or any type of out buildings now!

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