Andy Wolfe

“Andy Wolfe and his lovely wife Tiffany”

Andy Wolfe – Built On Site Manager

Classic Buildings, LLC
Linn, Missouri

Hands on and organized to the “T”.

What is it that is so unique about Andy Wolfe?

Andy is humble but also knows his strengths well. When I spoke with Andy, it was the first time we had ever met.  Immediately, I was drawn to his infectious positive and professional attitude. One of the first sentences out of his mouth was, “Our customers deserve us being as organized as possible!”

It was a Dale Carnegie class which inspired the business-mind of Andy Wolfe. A self-proclaimed hard nose, at times, he feels it is necessary to stay organized. Not a choice but a necessity for any business. He is strategic in his thinking vs. tactical on short term goals. Andy is focused on the prize.

When I asked the team for accolades on Andy, one response was this, “he has had the blessing of working on some of the biggest Classic Building’s construction projects. From the “Hummingbird Kitchen” to the latest 30 x 100 ft warehouse, we send Andy because we know he has us covered.” Customers have also willingly and frequently provided positive feedback on the work he has done.

Andy noted that when he began working with Classic Buildings it was like starting all over again. “They do everything different,” he said and “I was impressed with the production processes.” Andy’s job with Classic Buildings involves taking orders for the bigger built on site projects and managing the project from concept to completion.  He is so intent about his work and actively participates in the actual day or days of the build. Seeing someone put heart into their business is nothing short of amazing.

I recall another statement Andy made, he thanked me for doing the company interviews and stated how much he looks forward to getting to know everybody. “We’re growing every day. These interviews provide a way to keep up the unity that Classic Buildings is famous for.” He said he didn’t want to know as much about what each team member does at work because he already knows that. He wants to know more about each team member’s interests to know them on a more personal level.

Andy is proud of his wife Tiffany who is a busy stay-at-home mom. Together they work well. He kindly remarked, “There is no one else in the universe who would put up with me and the hours I work.” He appreciates his wife and family very much and when they do take their much-needed family vacations, they go all out!

Andy’s family photo’s

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