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“Carolyn Miller – Taking care of Classic Buildings”


Carolyn Miller
Business Development and Marketing Manager

With her tremendous commitment to the companies success, Carolyn Miller, sister to the founder of Classic Buildings, is a true backbone of the company she helped found just over ten years ago. Described as, ‘always willing to go out on a limb with her genius’, her ideas are taken seriously by everyone she works with. Following her beliefs about what will make the company better, she has proven that indeed her ideas do work. Although her title is our Kansas City Regional Manager, I personally think of her as being an operations manager because she’s a progressive thinker, and the classic personality we, at Classic Buildings, truly admire.

Carolyn always comes up with winning ideas and the incredible ability to organize them well. Her desire to be top notch, Carolyn strives to be super positive and cares deeply for family and its success. Definitely keeps up with modern technology, she’s a non-stop information machine.

I was visiting at my daughter’s when I spoke with Carolyn to find out more about her. It was early morning and she took as much time as I needed to ask questions and make her reply’s. It seemed the perfect time to get to know her better. Her voice was soft spoken and kind. I learned more about Carolyn, on a personal level, during this quiet early morning conversation than I had the entire time I have been working with her.

Carolyn is big on team communication and getting to know each other. Because she is super smart, she understands the value of lifting others up. At Classic Buildings’ Carolyn’s job is fast-paced and demanding, requiring a lot of attention to detail and super-organization. Although she is always available to answer questions or give directions to all team members, we recognize that she is very busy, ‘taking care of business’. That’s how I describe Carolyn best, a person who strives to go above and beyond what is expected and who cares deeply about helping others succeed.

Carolyn’s deepest desires lay in her love of mentoring others to become more positive thinkers, more productive in life, leading them to a more satisfying and fulfilling existence. Her thoughts were profound as she explained her love of helping others. Its apparent in everything you do Carolyn, and we sincerely appreciate you not only professionally but personally.

Just one look at her Facebook page and you’ll see she adores her family, and enjoys spending time with each and every one. Thank you Carolyn, for your loyal and never-ending support to us all. You are much more appreciated than you could ever imagine.

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