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 tough shedLooking for shed builders in St. Louis? Finding that perfect shed in just the right size, style, and even color can be a challenge. At Classic Buildings, we offer many different shed types and styles. Don’t know where to start in your search? Check out Classic Buildings’ thorough Shed Buyer’s Guide to get some tips. If you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, check out our brochure here. For more information on our portable sheds, continue reading below!

I could not be more impressed with my new shed. From my experience so far you run a top notch company. From your sales staff to the installers it was my pleasure to do business with you.

Shed Styles  

At Classic Buildings, we offer a wide variety of shed types that come in many different sizes and styles. Don’t worry about your shed sticking out – we can customize and color match your shed to fit right in on your property! Some of our styles include:

Shed builders in st. louis

Utility Shed

Utility Shed

The utility shed is a practical and economical choice. It is the perfect backyard storage solution. A great, safe place to store tools, bicycles, and other outdoor equipment. It’s easy to add a few shelves or hooks for additional wall storage! 



garden shed

Garden Shed

Garden Shed 

An attractive garden shed guaranteed to look great in any yard! The perfect place to store all of your garden tools and essentials. It also comes with a window, making it an ideal shed to convert into a little workshop. Add shelves or even a workbench to customize it perfectly for you.



Ultra Series Shed

Ultra Series Shed 

An extremely attractive option, this versatile shed can be used for pretty much anything you desire. Still a great storage option, it can also be used as a workspace. Looking for a spot to retreat to in your own yard? The Ultra Series makes the perfect tiny backyard getaway.  



Customization and Use 

Sheds have come a long way in the last few years. People are using sheds for more and more diverse reasons. Here are just a few of the more common shed purposes: 

  • A storage space for outdoor materials and tools. 
  • A storage space for vehicles (e.g. ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.) 
  • A workspace for repairs, woodworking, crafting, etc. 
  • A fully outfitted garden shed, equipped with pots, garden tools, seeds, etc. 
  • A “man-cave” or “woman-cave” (nicknamed the “she-shed”) – a space to retreat. 

At Classic Buildings, it’s easy to customize your shed. we offer lots of features and options. That way, you can turn your shed into the perfect workspace, storage space, “she-shed,” or whatever else you have in mind!  

More About Classic Buildings


Click the image above to view our Purchase With Confidence guarantee

Classic Buildings highly values honesty, integrity, and high-quality craftsmanship.We only use the highest quality materials to build all of our buildings, including our sheds.

“Don’t ask us what we have…tell us what you need!” At Classic Buildings, we offer many convenient ways to construct your building. Our buildings are constructed and then loaded onto state-of-the-art trucks and trailers for professional and safe delivery from us to you! If your building cannot be pre-assembled, for an extra fee, we can custom build your building right on site!

We offer longer warranties so you won’t have to worry about your shed. For example, we use 30-year architectural shingles and40-year metal roofing. If your shed’s roof has a leak, we’ll fix it – guaranteed.

We also offer a fully backed guarantee on our workmanship of your product. If it was not built professionally, we promise to repair or redo it according to your specifications. For a full list of our promises to you, click here.

If you don’t have all the cash to purchase a shed but need additional storage, we offer a rent-to-own program! Why pay for public storage when you could own your own building? 

If you’re done looking for shed builders in St. Louis and are ready to take the next step, contact Classic Buildings today!

Public Storage vs Storage Sheds: Which is the better buy?

Public Storage vs Storage Sheds: Which is the better buy?

When you’re looking for more storage space, choosing between public storage or purchasing a storage shed is one of the important decisions you’ll have to make. Below is an infographic containing a list of the pros and cons of both public storage as well as buying a storage shed. As a provider of storage sheds, we here at Classic Buildings believe there is a clear choice to make. If you’re considering a storage shed, feel free to check out our project gallery for more information. If you’re considering purchasing a high-quality storage shed you can get in contact with us today by clicking here!

“Thanks so much for our whole excellent experience with you folks.”

– The Schnieders from Jefferson City

Click here to view more testimonials!

2016 Free Building Winner – Katie Dressler


Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2016 Free Building Contest. We have a winner!

Congratulations to Katie Dressler, our 2016 free building winner. Here’s a few words from Katie and some photos of the delivery. We’re already gearing up for the next contest so stay tuned!

Join us in congratulating Katie by leaving a comment in the space provided below.

When the owner of Classic Buildings contacted me to about being the free building winner this year, I figured I had won a small, standard storage shed. I was surprised to find out that it was in no way small or standard.

I scheduled the appointment to go choose my color options and they were able to work with me outside of typical business hours, so I didn’t have to miss work. The guys at the Columbia location were so patient with me while I tried to figure out how best to make my shed match my house. I changed my mind several times before finally deciding, and they never once seemed annoyed with my indecisiveness. (They just had so many different options!)

Fast forward to delivery day. They had scheduled delivery around what worked for me, so it was early one Friday morning. One guy pulls in my drive with a semi with two sheds on the back. I was amazed to find out that delivery was a one-man show. He quickly had the shed off the trailer and on a remote control Mule device. He drove it out to where I wanted it and then leveled it out. The delivery guy was in and out within an hour. Before he left, he gave me the Classic Buildings signature new customer gift, home-made Amish, chocolate chip cookies!

Everything about this experience was absolutely positive. I didn’t just get a free storage building, but amazing customer service, an exciting and innovative delivery method, and a thoughtful special touch with the cookies. Not to mention, the storage building is amazing! It looks great with my house and is such high quality. I have gotten many compliments already in the week and half since delivery. I am beyond pleased and would highly recommend the Classic Buildings experience!

Katie Dressler

Foundation Education

When I was approached to write about our Classic Buildings Portable Building Foundations I felt a bit apprehensive. The reason for this feeling was because I work as an assistant. As such, I know very little about building construction. After thinking things over, I realized maybe I am actually a good choice for this assignment because my foundation knowledge level is potentially similar to that of the average customer. By me doing some research, talking to some of our knowledgeable staff members (who ARE the experts) possibly, just possibly I could save someone some time and help bridge the gap to better understanding!

Instinctively, I believe that no matter our background, we all know foundations are important. For me, with my musical brain, the subject brought numerous songs swimming through my head from a childhood of church camp summers. To summarize just one:

"The Wise man built his house upon the rock...the foolish man built his house upon the sand...
the rains came down and the floods came up...
the house on the rock stood FIRM...and the house on the sand went SPLAT!"

The next wave to hit my mind were sayings like:

"A building is only as strong as its foundation"

I even imagined how a tree with a foundation of shallow roots would not survive an aggressive storm well. When you think about it, foundations are not just crucial for one's faith or a tree they are important in any worthy aspect of living. A few examples are: family, businesses, nations, and of course our homes. Foundation strength is imperative to the success and longevity of whatever is being supported because one thing is absolute, life will shake things up on us. As for our structures, our planet will shift, sway and swell. Weather will add additional pressures. When those things happen will we be prepared? 

I spoke with one of our Regional Managers to gain some insight about how to best insure of a solid foundation and what we offer as a company. He explained that our buildings can be placed anywhere but to provide the strongest structural support and maintain the efficient use of a building a good foundation is definitely needed. Also, I learned, the larger the structure or the more weight that will be contained within it will increase that necessity. Why? Because the drawbacks to NOT having a solid foundation are plentiful when settling inevitably occurs: windows and doors can become misaligned, cracks may occur in the walls, floors will sag or slope, and also sometimes warranties can become voided. 

To prevent those undesirable things from occurring in buildings and protect a customer's investment, Classic Building offers FREE SITE VISITS  to assess a customer's property and can advise several options for building foundations based on what is needed. A few examples are below: 

Gravel Pad


Cement Pad

Cement Foundation

Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall



Gravel Pads don't eliminate all settling but reduces the impact of settling and are a good option.

Retaining Walls are sometimes needed and they help hold the gravel pad and buildings weight.

12" diameter concrete pillar Piers are the best option because they are embedded 3 ft. underground and will not freeze and break; providing a stable footing for the structure. 

Lastly, the Founder of Classic Buildings, LLC, Kenneth Miller, states that, 

"We offer portable building foundations because we want to ensure our buildings last for a lifetime."

We truly want to help you protect your building dreams and investment, avoid the folly of the "Foolish Man" and insure your building stands firm, so now through Sept. 17th we are offering a $150 discount voucher with the purchase of any Classic Building.

Checklist: Become a New Portable Building Owner

PBF voucher Blog

A Raving Fan’s Journey to Building Ownership

✓     Research the 7 most important things to know when buying a building

Visit local Classic Buildings to:

✓     Meet a knowledgeable Portable Building Specialist
            *They were so friendly and easy to talk to!

✓     See the Quality of the buildings
            *Wow! They really are Built Better to Last Longer. You just have to see it to believe it!

✓     Determine the size and type of building that is the best fit for personal needs
             *This Ultra is just right!

✓     Select the best options to enhance the building 
             *Simply cannot wait to have a cooler building and extra workspace!

✓     Request a Quote 
             *That is truly the Lowest Cost of Ownership!

✓     Make payment
            *Super eager to have this new space delivered!

✓     Receive a Voucher for $150 towards a Portable Building Foundation!!!
            *Outstanding, what a bonus! Not only will I receive a superbly Crafted Building but can now
             SAVE BIG on Supporting the Building in Style! 


To join our group of Raving Fans, simply contact a Portable Building Specialist near you before September 15, 2016  to make your Building & Foundation Dreams come true!!! 

PBF voucher final



A Ray of Sunshine!!!

Rain, and hail, and weather alerts, Oh MY!

While I cannot speak for all areas across our great state, I know we have had our fair share of rain here in the Kansas City area as of late. So much in fact, I even quipped to a friend the other day that perhaps we had somehow been transplanted to Seattle!

Gloomy days can result in bored kids, drizzly weather can delay projects, and severe weather can damage vehicles and equipment.

pink plhIf the rain is getting you down perhaps that portable storage building you have been considering is the answer. An outdoor playhouse offers a safe, dry place to entertain squirmy youngsters and grant some peace and quiet for parents!  Keeping your projects on track will be simple in a backyard workshop, potting shed, or studio! A new shed or garage will provide shelter from the storms to keep your valuables safe and organized!

Classic Buildings is ready to combat the storms through some major savings and storage solutions! From June 1st to July 15th customize your new building (aka: safe haven) with 5 or more different upgrade options and receive 25% off of each one!

Awesome options like Advantech Floors will keep your space dry while our Vented Skylight skylightwill provide some extra light on cloudy days and will release heat when the sun does finally decide to reveal itself again. Our Building Specialists will help you select the best options to suit your personal needs. Contact us today to escape the spring rain and alleviate the summer heat!




June July Promotion


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