Tiny Houses Kansas City – Everything You Need To Know

Looking for information about Tiny Houses Kansas City? As tiny homes become more popular, many people are choosing the tiny life! Transitioning to the tiny way of living, however, may not be as simple as it sounds. There is a lot you need to know, from where to buy your tiny house to local housing bylaws. This page covers all your tiny house related questions, so you can decide if tiny living is right for you. Contact Classic Buildings today for more information, or to learn more about our available tiny homes

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Tiny Houses Kansas City Ideas

Tiny houses come in all shapes, designs, and even sizes. Tiny houses typically range in size from 60 – 400 square feet. Before you decide on the tiny life, it’s important to get ideas! What style do you like? What size is best for you and your family? Check out the gallery below to see some awesome tiny home ideas. 

Modern Tiny House

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This modern tiny house is a great example that tiny homes truly do come in all shapes and sizes! If traditional is not your ideal, consider a modern home. Source: Housebeautiful.com

The gallery above shows just a few tiny home design ideas. When it comes to the tiny home, there are truly endless opportunities. Want to see more creative and unique designs? For more tiny house ideas, check out 19 Of The Most Amazing And Best Tiny House Designs! Tiny homes are a great option for the adventure seeker and nature lover, for those who want to live an environmentally friendly life, and even for entire families. People from every stage of life can enjoy tiny living! 

Where to Buy Tiny Houses In Kansas City

So, you want to buy a tiny home – but where do you even begin to look? Because the tiny house movement has exploded in the last few years, there are more options than ever before! This can be a good thing; there is a tiny home to fit every need and budget!

But it can also be a bad thing; too many options can easily overwhelm the new buyer. The following lists some of the tiny house manufacturers and sellers in the Kansas City area, so you can take a step back and enjoy the process without feeling overwhelmed! 

Classic Buildings – Prebuilt Tiny Houses & Tiny House Plans 

At Classic Buildings, we build many types of portable buildings, from garden sheds to garages to tiny homes!  All of our portable buildings, including our tiny homes, are built with the highest quality materials by highly trained workers. We build our tiny homes with quality and Amish craftsmanship. We offer many options and features so your home feels like your own! We allow you to finish out the inside yourself as you want and at your own pace. We also offer a free project evaluation. Our Portable Building Specialist will be happy to sit down and visit with you about your project and help you find the floor plan and model that best suits your dream! 

Click Here To Learn More About Tiny Homes / Click Here To View Available Floor Plans (PDF)

Tiny House Listings – Kansas City 

Tiny House Listings (tinyhouselistings.com) is an online listing of available tiny houses in your area! It aims to work with manufacturers, sellers, and buyers to create an easy-to-use online tiny home marketplace. Tiny House Listings itself is not a manufacturer but a platform for others to use when trying to sell or buy a tiny home. Listings in the Kansas City area depend on who is selling at any given time. However, as Tiny House Listings says, since tiny homes can often be moved or delivered, location is not always a factor. 

Click Here To See Tiny Homes on Tiny House Listings

Custom Container Living 

Customer Container Living (cusomcontainerliving.com) specializes in tiny houses made from shipping containers! These custom tiny homes come in 20′ and 40′ and include many customization options. For more information about Customer Container Living, visit their FAQ page. Custom Container Living is located fifty miles south of Kansas City. 

Click Here To Visit Custom Container Living’s Website 

Tiny House Kansas City Bylaws and Regulations

If you’ve found your perfect tiny house and are ready to move forward, figuring out your local bylaws is the next important step. The tiny house movement is alive and well in Kansas City, but bylaws are not always easy to navigate! Here are some resources when looking for tiny house bylaws for Kansas City, Missouri. 

  • American Tiny House AssociationKansas City, MO regulations regarding travel trailers 
    This provides information about terminology (such as what is legally considered a travel trailer and a mobile home). It also outlines all relevant permit requirements for travel trailers and mobile homes, as some tiny houses may fall under the legal category of ‘travel trailer’ or ‘mobile home.’ 
  • International Code Council (ICC)Missouri 
    This resource outlines all of the building codes in effect for all of Missouri. It includes all relevant links to each building code as well as a listing of key contacts. 
  • Looking for more information? Check out this article on Curbed.com. It outlines the fact that most states actually do not have set-in-stone bylaws regarding tiny homes, as tiny housing is still a relatively recent trend. However, it provides a lot of important information such as zoning versus building codes, and where (generally) you can place a tiny home. 

Check out this video below to see more about tiny house movement in Kansas City! 

Tiny Houses Kansas City – In The News

With the ever-growing tiny house trend in Kansas City and all over the world, there are lots of interesting news articles about this fun and interesting movement! 

The Kansas City Star – “How to make a homeless veterans project hip? It takes a village of tiny houses” – Click Here To Read Full Article

In November 2016, Ricky Montgomery wrote the article How to make a homeless veterans project hip? It takes a village of tiny houses for The Kansas City Star. This article outlines the amazing outreach effort that aims to help homeless veterans by providing them with fully functional, rent-free tiny homes! 

The Kansas City Star – “Tiny-house trend moves into Kansas City” – Click Here To Read Full Article

In June 2015, Kristen Polizzi wrote the article Tiny-house trend moves into Kansas City for The Kansas City Star. Polizzi provides a brief history of the tiny house movement. She also interviews some of the latest to join the tiny house movement in Kansas City, including a young couple looking for an affordable and eco-friendly option.  

Atlas Obscura – A Tiny House in Missouri Was Inexplicably Stolen and Driven to Kansas – Click Here To Read Full Article 

In July 2017, Michael Waters wrote the article A Tiny House in Missouri Was Inexplicably Stolen and Driven to Kansas for Atlas Obscura. Not your typical feel-good tiny home story! This serves as a good reminder that tiny homes are vulnerable to a different kind of theft than the average home! Still, the article has a happy ending. 

The Benefits Of Tiny Houses

There are many benefits to owning and living in a tiny home – that’s why so many are in love with the tiny house movement! Here are just a few of the many benefits of tiny living: 

  • It’s environmentally friendly – You reduce your overall carbon footprint, use less electricity, and only have room for the essentials
  • It’s economical – Did you know 89% of tiny house owners have less credit card debt than other Americans? 
  • It costs less – A tiny house costs significantly less than the typical home! The average price of a tiny house is only $23,000!
  • No mortgage – Many who live in a tiny house get rid of their mortgage much faster or have none at all! 68% of tiny homeowners have no mortgage (compared to 35% of regular homeowners).  

SourceThe Tiny House Movement – Stats and Figures 

What Is The Definition Of A Tiny House?

There is no exact definition of a tiny house. The term tiny house is subjective and may differ depending on the group you are part of or your location. Tiny House Community defines a tiny house as:

“A home of 400 square feet or less, either on wheels or a foundation. I consider a home of
between 400 and 1000 square feet to be small.”

Others say that choosing a tiny house is more about the lifestyle that goes along with it rather than the actual size of the house. Check out the video below to see more tiny homeowners who love the tiny house lifestyle! 


If you’re ready to move forward with your awesome tiny home design, 
contact Classic Buildings now!

“Your company produces such a quality storage building! You can tell that quality went into it because quality just shines through it. Even the delivery was a class act. All of you do a great job.”

– Rick Franklin – more testimonials here!

Barn Sheds and Prebuilt Barns – Classic Buildings

Barn sheds and prebuilt barns can be an excellent choice for a backyard storage building. Sheds are a classic way to store outdoor items, gardening tools, and large equipment such as ATVs, lawnmowers, and bicycles. Prebuilt barns can also be used as animal shelters! Whether you are just beginning a small hobby farm or have a larger farming property, a barn shed may be the perfect storage or shelter solution for you. For more information about portable storage buildings, contact Classic Buildings today! 

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Garden Shed Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

Guest Post – Written by Tim Moore

The time of year has come to start packing up the gardening equipment for the season. It is important to do this soon if you live in an area that has a good deal of snow in the coming months. The last thing you want to do is start digging in snow to find your garden hose. Think of the effort spent in looking for the best garden hose, hand trowel and pruners. You wouldn’t want your tools damaged because you didn’t store them properly.

If you have accumulated more garden equipment over the summer, odds are you are looking at your storage area and wondering, “How are you going to put all that stuff away for the season?” Do not fret, because we are here to help.

Use Pegboard

A great way to organize your shed or storage space is to use pegboards on the walls. If you can cover the extent of all the walls with pegboard, that might work out the best. Once the pegboards are up, you can start putting in pegs to hang whatever you need to keep in your shed. This will keep your shed neat looking as well. Gone are the days of leaning brooms and shovels in the corner.

Jar It Up

Our sheds are filled with little things like screws and nails. These always end up loose on the floor or mixed in the drawers of your tool cabinet. Put items in mason jars, to keep things organized.

If you want to keep the jars organized, you can create your own hanging jar organizer. This is super easy. All you do is get a shelf and screw the jar lid to the bottom of it. Then you screw the appropriate jar into the lid, which will be filled with you nails or screws. When you need something you simply unscrew the jar.


When you are planning on maximizing storage space, the best way to do it is with shelves. You can put full shelving units in your shed or if you want to attach them right to the wall after you install your pegboard. Here are the different types of shelves available.

Fixed Bracket

These types of shelves are made of metal or wood and can be fixed directly to the wall of your shed. They can also be a solo unit or connected to other shelving units to create a multi-unit storage shelf.

Corner Unit

Shelving units that fit into the corner are a great way to utilize space in your shed. They take a hard to use space and give it purpose. There are many styles of corner shelves available. For shed use, metal or plastic would probably work best.

Free Standing Shelves

These are a great choice for storage units and sheds. They come in all materials, sizes, and colors.

Tool Box

If you don’t have a tool box, it is time to get one. There are small ones you can carry to your job or ones that have wheels on the bottom. The key is to know what you are using it for. Since this one will be spending its time in your shed and/or yard, make sure to get one that can handle the elements.

Keep Chemicals Safe

Sheds are also home to toxic chemicals used around the garden. Maybe you have some paint or weed killers or even some gasoline for the lawn mower. These items can be very dangerous, especially when they are kept in small spaces. They can burst into flames or leak, which would contaminate everything around them.

These items should be kept in sealable storage containers. Then they should be tucked away on the floor opposed to a top shelf. Keep these chemicals in a cool area and out of the sunlight.

Use Crates for Cabinets

Liquor stores are constantly getting shipments of wine that are stored in amazing wooden crates. If you can get a few of these, they make great storage units inside your shed. They can be stacked and, if possible, they can be nailed or screwed directly to the wall. This is a great way to create cubby holes and small storage areas of easy organization.


There are all kinds of ways to maximize your storage space for your gardening and/or outdoor supplies and the ones we mentioned should give you a good start. So, do you think you can now work on organizing your shed space on your own? Let us know if you have more tips you’d like us to add and of course, feel free to share!

Interested In a Pre-built Storage Shed?

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If you’re ready to purchase your very own pre-built, Amish crafted cabin, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you!

Remember, before buying a portable building you should be aware of the permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes, permit requirements depend on the size of your building. Make sure you know the requirements of your area to avoid fines.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide!

If you would like to take a look at Classic Buildings’ storage sheds, check out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand! 

“I am extremely satisfied with the overall quality of the building. The wood was straight and of good quality. No corners were cut to save time or money. The windows and door appear to be good quality units. Overall, we find the quality of the building to excellent and would not hesitate to recommend Classic Buildings to our friends and family. Please let your team know that they have a very satisfied customer. We look forward to enjoying our new cabin for many years to come.”

Alan Angiocchi Read more testimonials here!


Amish Crafted Cabins

Did you know that Classic Buildings has an Amish heritage? That’s why building with the highest quality workmanship and using only the highest quality materials are so important to us! If you are looking for Amish crafted cabins, Classic Buildings offers a wide variety of customization options and features so you can have your dream cabin. Cabins by Classic Buildings can be used for so many different purposes, including as multi-purpose buildings. Read on to learn more about the benefits and uses of Amish crafted cabins. Looking for more information on portable buildings? Contact Classic Buildings today

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Garage Kits vs Prebuilt Garages

Garages are an excellent way to add more storage space to your home. They are also a great option if you need to keep your car or other vehicles safe from the elements. If your house did not come with a garage, you may be wondering if purchasing a garage kit or a prefab garage is the right choice for you! This article goes over the pros and cons of each garage option to help you decide what is best for you, your family, and your home. Want to know more about portable storage buildings? Contact Classic Buildings today!

Garage Kits – Pros & Cons

Garage kits are prefab garages that you build and set up yourself. They come with all the necessary pieces. You just follow the instructions and have the proper tools on hand. Here are the pros and cons for garage kits.

Garage Kits: Pros  

As the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement becomes more and more popular, many people not only enjoy DIYing, but intentionally seek out DIY projects. Garage kits have become more popular as the DIY movement continues to gain traction. 

Hands-On Project

Though for some this may be a con, as mentioned above, others absolutely love the hands-on work that comes with garage or shed kits. For those that embrace the DIY lifestyle, a garage kit is a good way to feel involved with your project without building it from scratch. 

Easy To Build

Even if you do not necessarily love doing-it-yourself, prefab garage kits make it relatively easy for anyone to build their new garage. Even with limited experience, it is possible to build the garage without too many hiccups along the way. Before you purchase a kit, ensure the instructions and manual are easy to follow to help avoid potential building errors.

Cost Effective

 Garage kits are often less expensive than prebuilt garages. There are many options available, and it’s easy to find the garage that best suits your home and budget when you go with a kit. Because you will be doing all of the labor, there is, of course, no labor fees. You simply pay for the materials that best fit your budget and build. 

Garage Kits: Cons 

Not everyone loves doing-it-yourself. If you do not have the time, energy, or know-how, a “simple” garage kit building process can quickly become complicated. Here are some reasons why a garage kit may not be a good fit for you.

Limited Customization 

Prefab garage kits are usually so cost effective because they come with little to no extras. Some garage kits do not give you the opportunity at all to customize unless you choose to go off the manual and add extras yourself. Other companies allow you to pre-order garage kits and add custom options. However, if you do that, it is likely that the cost will end up steadily rising. 

Lack of Aesthetic Appeal 

Another reason why garage kits are so inexpensive is that they are usually quite basic models. They do not include extra bells and whistles, and they often look relatively plain. You can always choose to revamp your newly built garage, but once again, that will end up costing extra. 

Time and Energy 

Building your own garage can be fun and may even become an activity that involves the whole family! However, it does require extra time and energy. If you have never built anything before, you will have to take the time to learn about the required tools and building process. If you just don’t have the extra time between family life and work, it may end up taking you quite a while to finish your garage! 


Garage kits are often not as durable as prebuilt garages. They are often not as resistant to the elements, and usually only come with a simple coating. In order for your garage to withstand harsh weather or harsh conditions, you may need to put some extra time into reinforcing your garage. 

Prebuilt Garages – Pros & Cons


Prebuilt garages may be built on-site by the manufacturer or transferred as a prebuilt building and installed on your property.

Prebuilt Garages: Pros

There are many pros when you choose to go with a prebuilt garage. Prebuilt garages often offer many customization options and are the perfect choice when you just don’t have the extra time or energy to DIY. 

Highly Customizable

Prebuilt garages are often significantly more customizable than garage kits. When you purchase a prebuilt garage, you often get the chance to work with and talk to the garage manufacturer. This allows ample time for you to make changes to your garage and add additional features and custom options if you need to. There are often more options for styles, features, and size. For example, at Classic Buildings we offer one car, two car, and three car garages, as well as many more options

Durable & High Quality

A reputable portable building manufacturer will ensure all buildings are durable and high-quality. When you purchase a prebuilt garage from a reputable company, you can rest assured that your building will be able to withstand tough conditions. At Classic Buildings, all of our buildings are built with the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen! 

No Mistakes

What happens if you make a huge mistake while building your garage from a shed kit? Unfortunately, if that happens, there may be nothing you can do aside from work with what you’ve got. When you purchase from a reputable company, you will have peace of mind knowing your project is in good hands. There are also warranties in case something goes wrong in the future. 

Aesthetically Pleasing  

Prebuilt garages are often quite aesthetically pleasing and will look beautiful on any property! Because you can customize them, your new garage can match the rest of your property and even help to increase property value. 

Prebuilt Garages: Cons

There are pros and cons with any options – nothing can be perfect! It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option before deciding on what is best for you. 

Higher Price 

It is no surprise that prebuilt garages are often costlier than garage kits. With a prebuilt garage, you are paying for very high-quality materials, customizable options, and labor. However, if you have a small budget but still believe that a prebuilt shed is right for you, there are options! At Classic Buildings, we offer a rent-to-own program so you can get your storage building when you need it without worrying about paying everything up front! 

Less Control

When you build your own garage or begin any other project for that matter, you have total and complete control over the entire process. Do you want to take a week off for building? Okay! Do you want to work 15 hours today? Sure! For those that absolutely love DIY, a prebuilt garage simply does not offer the same level of control over your project. 

Is DIY Right For Me? 

Doing-it-yourself can be a lot of fun. DIY projects easily allow you to create a budget and closely stick to it, as you have full control over the project.

However, garage kits do not provide all the customization options you would get from DIYing from scratch. A garage kit is sort of in between a true do-it-yourself project and purchasing a prebuilt shed from a manufacturer. 

DIYing can also be a good way to get your whole family involved, or maybe a neighbor or a new friend! If you experience a bit of trouble setting up your new shed, why not ask your neighbor to come out and give you a hand?

Make it a fun project to work on with your kids. DIYing is often seen a social hobby. There are many DIY forums online dedicated to helping new and experienced DIYers. Doing-it-yourself can be a fun new way to meet others – online or in person.

DIY, either through garage kits or total from-scratch DIY may not be right for everyone. As mentioned above, it does require a lot of time and energy that many people just do not have. If you can’t spare the time to build your garage kit, it may end up sitting in your backyard collecting mold and fallen leaves. 

Building from a garage kit also requires some knowledge about tools and materials. With garage kits, you are often provided with detailed instructions, which is great for the new DIYer. However, these instructions usually assume you have some working knowledge of construction and required tools. If you don’t have the time to learn techniques and materials, it might be best if you skip the DIYing. 

One of the biggest challenges for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers is the possibility of injuries. There are many ways you can accidentally injure yourself while working on at-home construction projects. If you do not understand how to safely and properly use tools, you can end up cutting or bruising yourself quite badly.

There is also the chance that you could strain your back, legs, or other muscles while lifting heavy materials. It is important that you know when to take breaks and remember to stay hydrated to reduce the chance of overexertion or heat exhaustion. 

When choosing to do-it-yourself, you should know all the benefits and risks before beginning your project.

Carefully plan everything out, know your budget, understand how to safely work with tools and materials, and remember to rest when needed!

Interested In a Prebuilt Garage?

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Now that you know the pros and cons of both prebuilt garages and garage kits, you may be ready to move forward with your own portable building. If you’re ready to purchase your very own prebuilt garage, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you!

Remember, before buying a portable building you should be aware of the permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes, permit requirements depend on the size of your building. Make sure you know the requirements of your area to avoid fines.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest and in some cases, nationwide!

If you would like to take a look at Classic Buildings’ storage sheds, check out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand! 

“It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people. The workmanship and materials are second to none…I would recommend Classic Buildings to anyone who requires a building for storage, recreation or whatever your needs are.”

– Mike Dinello – Read more testimonials here!



Two Story Sheds by Classic Buildings

Two Story Sheds by Classic Buildings 

Running out of storage space in your home? Two story sheds are a great storage solution! Bigger than your average garden or utility shed, a two story shed can fit much more than just outdoor equipment. Though sheds are great for storage, did you know that bigger sheds can be used for much more? Many people use two story sheds as a shelter for animals, an office space, or even as a mini guest house! Whatever your needs may be, Classic Buildings will help you find your perfect shed. 

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