Portable Sheds in Missouri Provide Added Storage and Boost Curb Appeal

Denise Brown’s article for eHow discusses the function, types, features, and sizes of portable sheds and storage units. According to Brown, homeowners who barely have enough room for seasonal items—such as home cleaning and gardening equipment—should consider building portable sheds right outside their houses. This small building also helps separate products that are hazardous to health like cleaning agents, paints, and persticides. [Read more…]

Why Bother with a Quality Missouri Portable Shed for Bikes? Here’s Why

In a few years, there will be more motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts than today; at least that’s what market research firm IBISWorld predicts. The results of their 2013 study seem to indicate a favorable outcome for the industry, as Cyril Huze reports: [Read more…]

Quality Storage Sheds in Missouri Exemplify Beauty and Versatility

As people accumulate more stuff in their homes, they soon run out of attic or basement storage space and may require larger storage facilities. Storage sheds offer an economical solution to this problem primarily because homeowners can build one themselves. However, this usually results in a shack that doesn’t match the home’s outdoor finish and pales in comparison to those built by professional builders like Classic Buildings. Linda Ulrich, reporter for the Lincoln Journal Star, writes that a growing number of property owners opt for stylish (rather than utilitarian) sheds: [Read more…]

Outdoor Cool: Creating Fashionable and Functional Storage Sheds in MO

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article dated October 18, 2013, discusses the resurgence of outbuildings such as sheds, barns, and coops in recent years. The return of fashionable and functional storage sheds to popularity can be credited mostly to their sheer versatility. Among other things, the report stresses that outbuildings can add character to any property. If you are in the market for a totally “in” storage shed, contact Classic Buildings today.

[Read more…]

Shed Ahead: On Adding Convenient and Useful Backyard Sheds in MO

An article on the Lincoln Journal Star dated October 12, 2013 discusses how one woman’s garden shed became a multipurpose venue for her and her family. Traditionally used as storage spaces, backyard sheds can be almost anything their owners wish them to be, with a little sprucing up. The article notes the specific modifications made to the featured structure:

Domangue’s cheerful yellow shed with white trim is furnished with a single bed and a potting bench her husband made from an old dresser. Windows let in a lot of natural light.

She envisions the shed also serving as a playhouse for her two grandchildren, ages 3 and 1½, when they are older. Adding a locked gate to the loft will make the shed the perfect place for sleepovers.

Domangue, who is retired, reads a lot of gardening magazines and the shed is the perfect place to catch up on her reading — at least as long as the weather is nice. Looking at those magazines is providing inspiration for the landscaping she plans to do around her shed next spring.

Adding a bed to your garden shed might sound outrageous, but sheds are surprisingly customizable and can serve numerous roles, depending on how you choose to tweak them. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building a multipurpose shed, so you may want to consider in detail the specific uses you envision for such an outbuilding. When it comes to hassle-free sheds in MO, you might want to purchase prefabricated models from trusted local retailers like Classic Buildings.

If the shed is mainly going to be used for storage purposes, you can choose a wider outbuilding with double doors that make it easy to stash the usual equipment such as lawnmowers and backyard toys. Corner sheds are perfect for smaller storage needs, and can be great for storing firewood. Meanwhile, if you would like to turn your shed into a habitable space or playhouse for the kids, you can simply choose one that’s large enough and fill it with amenities similar to what you’d find in a small house.

While it’s possible to build your own shed from scratch, it’s more efficient to purchase them prefabricated to save time and effort. You don’t need to about the cost of owning one, either, as some manufacturers sell rent to own sheds in Missouri. Just keep on paying the monthly dues, and once the price has been paid in full, the shed is all yours to keep.

(From Shedding light on sheds; It’s storage and a backyard getaway, Lincoln Journal Star, October 12, 2013)

The Many Uses and Benefits of Well-made Portable Buildings in Missouri

Portable buildings have been gaining popularity over the past few years, and SmartGuy offers some insights on the reasons behind this phenomenon: [Read more…]

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