Classic Buildings company conference scheduled this week: From Thursday Jan 22 – Saturday Jan 24th

Company conference

Company meeting scheduled at Tan Tar A lodge, Lake of the Ozarks Missouri- What are we up to now?

Due to a company conference this week Thursday Jan 22 through Saturday Jan 24th, all Classic Buildings store locations will be closed.

All for a grand purpose, because our company conference is where the entire company gets together, new ideas are shared, products and or services are developed, etc.  We’ll be streaming the events across our social media platforms and from our site so stay tuned to see what we’re up to next.

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  1. Eleanor (Ellie) Foster says:

    I bought 2 sheds from you all and moved them to my daughter’s place. She has a collection of critters. I was wondering if you considered if it would be advantageous to build chicken houses, goat sheds, etc… I don’t personally have a need but love to view your buildings!

  2. It was a grand conference indeed, one worth of reporting on. I will be writing a newsletter of the entire agenda and of the events that took place. A lot of great information was offered and to the benefit of all. Good job Classic Buildings.

  3. Scott Murphy says:

    Great meeting! Very impressed with the direction the company is going and the clear vision they presented to the employees of a positive future!

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