Dale and Joyce Miller

Dale and Joyce Miller

“And then came baby.”

Dale Miller – Operations Manager

Classic Buildings, LLC – Linn, Missouri

Dale Miller, what can I say? Plain and simple, Dale is a sweetheart. He’s a loving husband and devoted father to his beautiful wife Joyce and their tender newborn Kelsy. When asked who influenced him most in this life, he quickly answered, “I’d have to say my wife.” Somehow I already suspected.

Since Dale was intent on claiming “Family is priority”, I figured I’d open with a brief intro on where his truest heart-of-heart lies. Oh, but you couldn’t tell the business wasn’t also a priority? Of course it is. After all, Dale is the operations manager. You don’t become operations manager without real skill. Overseeing the entire plant and company operations, purchases, customer service and quality is no small task.

I met Dale 8 years ago when he delivered my first purchase from Classic Buildings. Quickly thereafter I met with Kenneth, his brother and founder of Classic Buildings. Together, the entire team were hands on customer service and delivery, smack down they knew what they were doing and I appreciated the customer care.

Each and every Classic associate I spoke with thereafter, oozed sincerity. I appreciate sincerity, I believe everyone does. This must be a main reason why this company is so successful, and Dale is a big part of its success.

Dale is the Operations Manager for one of Missouri’s finest portable buildings manufacturers, Classic Buildings LLC, in Linn, Missouri. The business is proud of its enormous growth. In a very short time, in under ten years, Classic Buildings sales have exploded and for good reason.

Together, the entire team is well-managed and operated, yes I said well-managed and operated. At the head of the operations table together with the management team, Dale gets his due credit for his due diligence to his families business.

A St. Louis, Missouri Cardinals fan I suspect? From his Facebook page you see his real passion, for his family, his work, play and travels. Dale is balancing family and personal life and making his priorities very clear, to family and creator Dale is grateful.

Not a soul in the world, that I’ve ever met or talked with, has said nary an unkind word about our fearless Operations Manager, Dale Miller. Way to go Dale, everyone should be able to say the same. Thank you for your hard work through the years. Here’s to the next ten years. May everything in life, you’ve ever wished for become true and congratulations on your firstborn child.

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