Outdoor Cool: Creating Fashionable and Functional Storage Sheds in MO

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article dated October 18, 2013 discusses the resurgence of outbuildings such as sheds, barns, and coops in recent years. Their return to popularity can be credited mostly to their sheer versatility. Among other things, the report stresses that outbuildings can add character to any property:

Years ago, it wasn’t unusual for properties to include barns, outhouses, corn cribs, chicken coops, smoke houses, granaries, gate houses, summer kitchens, milk houses, pump houses, garages and garden sheds. These weathered buildings still dot the landscape, although not like they once did. But that doesn’t stop city dwellers from coveting their antique ambience, rehabbing old structures or re-creating their own little hideaways in their backyards…

“It makes our house look more interesting,” and gives the property a finished look, Dave Much said of a quaint little shed he built and furnished in the backyard of his Town of Erin home. “It adds a unique look. Everyone seems to love it when they see it.”

Sheds can be built in a variety of ways and serve different purposes, from storage areas to living spaces. Owners also have the freedom to design their outbuildings in any way possible, which can greatly improve the curb appeal and boost the resale value of their properties. Folks with a sizable yard should consider getting well-made storage sheds in MO that turn a rather bare yard into a charming space.

Gone are the days when sheds looked like bare shanties or lean-to structures as most modern sheds take on the appearance of small cottages. In terms of materials, wood remains quite a popular choice due to its natural feel and fit with the rest of the landscape. For larger properties such as ranches, sheds can be built to shelter horses, livestock, chickens, and farming equipment without sacrificing aesthetics.

Whether you choose to have a garden outbuilding, an animal shed, or a versatile Missouri storage shed, there are sure to be designs that suit your every need. Trusted manufacturers such as Classic Buildings offer numerous prefabricated sheds that boast modern features and are portable to boot. Alternatively, you can ask your chosen builder to create a custom-made shed for very specific and non-standard functions—such as a playhouses, for instance.

(From Outbuildings are in again, JS Online, October 18, 2013)

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