Take a peek at whats inside this storage building

We love it when building owners send their photos.  How could we really know what the buildings we sell will end up being used for, if our nice customers didn’t tell us?  Take a peek at whats inside this storage building. Thank you to J. Fowler for providing the following photos.


photo 1 (3)








photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (3)








photo 1 (2)





Isn’t this the coolest interior of a storage shed that you’ve ever seen?  Feel free to send us your own building interior photos.  We always appreciate hearing from happy customers.


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  1. Great email, hope to see more of these. The inside of that shed is really something else, I have never hunted for wild life a day in my lift but enjoy looking at the heads of animals. Our shed just is being used to store stuff.

  2. Hello Ed, thank you for your comment. The email sent you to this page and I couldn’t be happier for your reply. I appreciate Mr. Fowler sending the photos, showing other hunters what they can do to their own ‘hunting cabins’, barns or other storage units like this one here. Most sheds are used to store stuff, lol….again I appreciate your reply.

  3. I really want one of these little cabins so bad! I can’t wait till I get down to Woodland lakes to purchase a lot so I can buy one of these adorable cabins. They are perfect for us as we are retired and want to have a place to get away to. I just love these little cabins. My daughter already has one at Woodland and she is so happy with it. She goes there every weekend and is just pleased as punch with her cabin.

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