Utility sheds are a practical choice for storing tools, bicycles, and other outdoor equipment. Utility sheds are simple and spacious. Classic Buildings offers utility sheds in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Click here to contact us today to help you find the best utility sheds for your needs.

Though many people are drawn to garden sheds or garages, you may find that a utility shed is more economical, depending on your needs.

What Is A Utility Shed?

12x16 Utility Shed

Classic Buildings offers many types of portable storage, including garden sheds, quaker sheds, portable garages, and utility sheds. View our complete product line-up here. What exactly is a utility shed? A utility shed is a simple storage shed. These types of sheds have large double doors and sometimes do not have windows.

Utility sheds are a great way to keep all outdoor and sports equipment safe and secure. They are also the most practical and efficient way to store tools. Hooks, garden tool hangers, and shelves can be easily installed and easily accessed whenever needed.

If you need a spacious shed to store outdoor items, the utility shed is your perfect fit.

Why Buy A Utility Shed?

utility shed, garage, garden shed
Deciding between a garden shed, garage, and utility shed can be a challenge! All have benefits, but only one will be best suited for you.

People are attracted to garden sheds  as they are visually appealing and usually include windows. Many people purchase garden sheds to use partially or entirely as a workshop. Garden sheds are great for the busy gardener or hobbyist who plans to spend time working inside the shed.

A garage is a much more spacious storage option. Garages are perfect for keeping cars, ATVs, motorcycles, and even tractors safe. Garages provide a large workspace for those who need both storage and a spacious work area.

So, why buy a utility shed instead of a garden shed or garage? If you just need storage space, a utility shed is by far the most practical and economical option. Utility sheds provide all the extra storage space you need and come in a wide variety of sizes. Though many utility sheds do not come with windows, others do! If you’re worried about looks, Classic Buildings offers beautiful, wooden utility sheds that rival even the most attractive garden shed!

Utility Shed Ideas?

Click here or the below image to get some ideas for your shed.



What Model Is Our Best Utility Shed?


Our top of the line utility shed is our Ultra Series model. We consider it our best utility shed as it has a very stylish and visually appealing design, large windows, decorative trim, two entrance50-yearear metal shingles and a 10″ overhang on all sides.  To view more pictures of this model, click here.

Other utility shed models worth considering:

The Beckenridge – to view more images click here.

The Utility Shed  – to view more images click here.

Where To Buy A Utility Shed?

If you would like to take a look at our utility sheds, you can view our buildings herecheck out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand.

If you are ready to buy a shed you can purchase one from any one of our Classic Buildings locations: Arnold (Missouri), St. Charles (Missouri), Springfield (Missouri), Washington (Missouri), Warrensburg (Missouri), St. Louis (Missouri), Swansea (Illinois), Rolla (Missouri), Columbia (Missouri), Kansas City (Missouri), and Jefferson City (Missouri).

Like all our buildings, Classic Buildings’ utility sheds are built to last and are highly customizable.

If you’re interested in purchasing a professional, high-quality utility shed, contact us or visit the location nearest to you here!

“I appreciate being treated as if I were your only customer, allowing as much time as needed to reach a decision.

We are so pleased with our purchase. Thank you.” – Classic Buildings Customer

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