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If you are looking for a larger shed for your yard but have not decided on a size yet, a 14×24 shed may be the perfect size for you! 14×24 sheds are large enough to store many items you cannot fit in your garage or home. They are also a great size to be used as a multi-purpose building. A new 14×24 shed may be the simple storage solution you’ve been waiting for! This page outlines all of the benefits and purposes of 14×24 Garden Sheds, Lofted Barns, and Utility Sheds. Want to know more about shed sizes? For more information, contact Classic Buildings today

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What Are The Pros & Cons of a 14×24 Shed? 

14×24 sheds are large and can provide you with tons of storage space. Slightly larger than the 14×20 shed, they provide more space without becoming oversized. The pros and cons of a 14×24 shed are almost the same as a 14×20 with a few minor differences. 

garden tools


  • Large, customizable space – easy to add a workbench, shelves, etc. 
  • Can be used as an office space 
  • Larger than a 14×20 without taking up significantly more room 
  • Can add lots of windows
  • Enough space to store large items and can be used instead of a storage unit 
  • Looks beautiful in your yard and can actually be part of your landscape
  • Big enough to be used for more than just storage
  • Large but not oversized, most likely will not take up an entire yard
  • Can store lots of tools, gardening equipment, and other outdoor gear including lawnmowers, ATVs, etc. 


  • May not be suitable for small or medium-sized yards 
  • May take up too much yard space
  • May be too big for storing simple items such as gardening tools 
  • Larger sheds require more maintenance, regardless of specific dimensions – more shed = more care
  • More expensive than smaller sheds 

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14×24 Shed Uses

14×24 sheds are the perfect size for a multi-purpose backyard storage building! With a smaller sized shed, you usually have to choose between uses – there is only enough space for storage or your workshop items. However, a 14×24 shed can be used exclusively for storage, as a workshop, or as both! The example below shows how you could use your 14×24 shed as a multi-purpose space.

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Here are some more ideas for your 14×24 shed. 


Storage is a great way to use your larger shed. With the addition of lofts, shelves, and hooks, your storage possibilities are nearly endless! You can store items that will no longer fit in your garage, or use your shed to store outdoor furniture, lawnmowers, bicycles, tools, and other outdoor equipment. As mentioned above, the great thing about this size and other larger sheds is that you can also use it as a workshop and not sacrifice storage space. 


If you work from home or just need some additional office space, a 14×24 a shed may be the perfect at-home backyard office for you! Converting sheds into offices is a cost effective way to increase your home office space.

It’s also a great way to keep work and home separate, even if you do work from home! There are some great how-to guides on how to convert your shed into an office. Adding in an electrical package, extra windows, or other custom options can help turn any shed into your dream office space.  

← Check out this awesome garden shed converted into a beautiful office space by one of Classic Buildings’ customers! 


Workshop, and/or Garden Shed

Anything is possible with your own shed! However, using a 14×24 shed exclusively for tools or garden equipment may not make the most of your large shed, depending on how many tools or garden supplies you have. If you are an avid gardener and have tons of supplies, a 14×24 shed may be perfect as a garden shed! However, if you have an average amount of supplies, it may be best to use a small space or loft within your shed for garden and tool storage, and use the rest of your shed as a workshop! 

She-Shed or Man Cave

14x24 shed

Have you heard of the she-shed? What about a man cave? Converting your big shed into your own personal at-home retreat is one of the latest and greatest trends! A 14×24 shed is the perfect size for your very own backyard oasis.

Add in a TV, some video games, and a comfy chair or couch and you’ve got yourself the perfect retreat. Or add in some shelves, a pegboard, a large table and craft supplies and you’ve got any crafter’s dream space. 

Check out this great video that tours Barbara’s very own she-shed/office space!  


What to Store in a 14×24 Shed

what to store in a 14x24 shed

Depending on any additions you choose to add to your shed, such as lofts, shelves, or tool hangers, you may have more or less storage space than someone else with the same sized shed This guide provides examples and basic guidelines for what you can keep in your 14×24 garden shed, lofted barn, and utility shed.

Garden Shed

lofted barn

The garden shed is a classic, attractive shed perfect for any backyard. Here are some items you can store your garden shed:

» Grass seed, gardening tools, and fertilizer as well as larger vehicles such as a lawnmower
» Bicycles, skateboards, other outdoor activity equipment 
» Items that no longer fit in the home
» Pool equipment 
» Best choice for office space or workshop 


Lofted Barn

storage shed lofted barn

The lofted barn has two lofts, positioned wherever you like! Here are some items you can store in your lofted barn: 

» Yard ornaments, Christmas decorations, or other small fragile items (loft is perfect for storing these items!) 
» Bicycles, skateboards, other outdoor equipment such as ATVs
» Yard sale items 
» Unused furniture or outdoor furniture 
» Gardening equipment and large gardening tools 


Utility Shed

utility shed

The utility shed is practical, economical, and a great storage solution. Here are some items you can store in your utility shed:

» Yard decor and yard ornaments
» Bicycles, skateboards, and other outdoor activity equipment 
» Lawnmowers and ATVs
» Gardening equipment 
» Tools 


Ready to Buy A 14×24 Shed? 

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If a 14×24 shed sounds like the right size for you, it’s time to start planning for your perfect shed! If you’re ready to purchase your very own dream shed, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you.

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed. A 14×24 shed is considered large and will likely require a permit. Make sure you know the requirements of your area to avoid fines and headaches!

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