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ATR towing office

ATR Towing is very happy with their customized office from Classic Buildings


ATR Towing was searching for a portable building that they could use as their main office. They needed this building to have very specific dimensions to fit their ideal layout.

One of the men who builds fencing for ATR Towing had purchased a shed from Classic Buildings. He told them about the great experience he had had dealing with Classic and suggested that they get in contact with them.

ATR took his recommendation and went to see Classic Buildings. The building specialists at Classic helped them design a custom office building using their own layout and particular preferences.

ATR felt the it was a great layout and it was exactly what they had asked for!

One of the best features of this Classic Buildings office is how well insulated it is – it is great at retaining the cool air generated by its A/C unit. That means that when their staff returns from their outdoor work, they are able to escape the heat and comfortably relax in the cool air in their office.

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