bos image“Hubbub was building throughout the office. Talk about a cool clubhouse, built on site project we were constructing for Ben and Bridgette was growing. It’s always fun watching built on site buildings go up.  In just a few days, compared to a few months, a beautiful structure, in this case a clubhouse is complete.”

Ben and Bridgette’s Built on Site Clubhouse

“Living to relax!”

A customer is usually excited when their building arrives, but imagine watching it go up before your eyes? This Imperial, Missouri couple set out to build a clubhouse, a place where peace and relaxation are always priority. Ben and Bridgette were more than excited, they were so happy about their experience they opted to share their journey with us and now we’re sharing with you.

Bridgette sure has some cool fixtures picked out. I saw a photo if her phinials, a window treatement she selected. She is happy to share the interior design of her new clubhouse, and I couldn’t be more excited myself. I mean after all, it is her place to relax. Bridgette is determined, and quite capable it seems, of making her clubhouse the utmost clean and comfortable. I love to see customer ‘interior photos’!

Thank you Bridgette. I can’t wait to see all the latest photos. Oh but there’s more. I spoke with Rich Cash, your portable buildings specialist. Here in Rich’s own words is his recollection of your project.

“Ben and Bridgette walked into my office about a year before we finally wrote up their order. Their Cabin was drawn and redrawn several times, and there were four changes to the order before we began construction. This may sound high maintenance, but I consider this one of my favorite projects. Sometimes people will walk on the lot and purchase a building within 20 or 30 minutes. Those are the orders that are likely to have an error, or something that the customer didn’t consider which will not ensure their complete satisfaction when they receive their building. Their cabin was definitely one of those “measure twice, cut once” situation. (more like measure ten times, but who’s counting). I am very pleased that they are already in love with it, and will enjoy it with no regrets for many, many years to come.”

Rich is a real person, and gives all his potential customers the star-treatment.

Though Bridgette claims that quality was the bottom line, she also recollects that Rich and everyone she worked with throughout the project was on spot. Rich and Andy visited their home a few times and some 80+ text messages later did she ever feel bad. Everyone from start to finish was beyond nice, including the CEO Kenneth Miller who played a big part in this project.

The built on site crew also received a great review from Bridgette. I know, and everyone who knows the production crew at Classic Buildings knows these guys have fun while they’re working, smiling, maybe even dancing while hammering away, still as professional and as straight as the nails that are driven, this crew is top of the line without question. Because Bridgette recognized our built on site crew, we are very appreciative. We see how hard they work.

Keep up the design project Bridgette. We’ll keep in touch with you like Dr. Phil keeps in touch with his guests. I promise that you have our full attention and thank you again for letting us be a part of your own ‘dream by the lake’, a cool clubhouse that you will enjoy for many years to come.
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