benefits of living in a small home

“Living large isn’t all its cracked up to be!”

Benefits of moving into a smaller home

It is a popular notion that buying a big house will make you happier, but it is not always true, most people end up being frustrated in their bigger homes; I mean a big house is nothing when it lacks the element of peace. Its hard to be peaceful when you owe everyone and their uncle.  Utility bills are higher, and so is your home maintenance.  Some, who can afford to live large, still choose the opposite. Why?  

We are going to be looking at the numerous benefits of moving into a smaller home. Trust me, there are good reasons to reduce your cost of living.

Easier to maintain. Anybody who has owned a house knows the amount of time, energy, and hard work to maintain it. Everything being equal, smaller sized home takes less of your time, energy, and effort to accomplish that task.

Less time spent cleaning. And that would be reason enough…

Lower in price. Smaller sized homes are cheaper to purchase and less expensive to maintain (insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity, and so on. )

Less debt and fewer risks. Lots of on-line calculators will assist you to figure out “how much house you really can afford.” These formulas are based upon net income savings, current debt, and month-to-month mortgage payments. Also they are based on the assumption that we ought to spend “28% of our net income on our month-to-month mortgage payments.” But if we could be a lot more financially stable and happier by merely spending 15%… then why exactly would we ever prefer to spend 28?

Mentally Freeing. As is the case with all of our possessions, the more we own, the more they own us. And the more things we own, the more mental energy is held hostage by them. The same is absolutely true with our largest, most valuable asset. Buy small and free your mind.

Less environmental impact. A smaller home takes less resources to build and less resources to manage. Which benefits every one of us.

Much more time. Most of the benefits above ( less cleaning , less maintaining , mental freedom ) lead to the freeing up of our schedule to go after the things in life that really matter – whatever you decide and want that to be .

Promotes family bonding. A smaller home creates much more social interaction among the family members. And even though this may be the reason that many people buy larger homes, I believe just the reverse has to be true.

Forces you to get rid of baggage. Relocating into a smaller home forces you to deliberately pare down your possessions.

Less enticement to accumulate. In the event you don’t have any room in your own home for that brand new treadmill, you’ll be less tempted to buy it in my opinion (no offense to people who own a treadmill… and really make use of it).

Less decorating. Although some people love the concept of selecting wall color, carpet color, furniture, drapes and window treatments, decorations, and lighting fixtures for lots of rooms, I don’t.

Larger market to sell. By its very definition, a smaller, less expensive house is affordable to a bigger percentage of the populace compared to a far more expensive, less affordable one.

Your home certainly a personal choice that weighs in a great number of factors that can’t possibly be summed up in a single 700 word post.  If you’re considering down-sizing, living the less-is-more lifestyle, consider looking through out photo galleries for building styles. Imagine your rooms, the interior layout and design, and your outdoor space too, your landscaping, outbuildings, etc.  The journey will be an exciting one, if you actually take it!