country barn

“Send us photos of the landscaping and interior of the portable building or storage shed that you purchased from us, and we’ll feature your story here on our blog!”









Dreaming of the coolest garage in town?


Building a dream doesn’t have to take forever!

Imagine the dream of building your own small home or lakeside condo? Its hard work building a home on your own. Without an expensive contractor your planning and budget better be right on a dime. If not, the money you will lose in mistakes, that need re-constructed, can be an enourmous budget-breaker.

Who wants to dream about living in one of these gorgeous retreats? I know I do. Look at the cool cobblestone lining its way around the entrance in the beige lofted barn cabin image with the awning. Imagine sitting under the awning in a cool fall morning, listening to the birds singing when they really need to be flying south. Imagine the quiet nights sitting outdoors contemplating the day ahead. Its been said, and I believe it to be true,that those who don’t rest are not nearly as productive. Rest and relaxtion is huge in finding that happy balance in life.

Think about the peaceful you will have, knowing you don’t owe a fortune. The feeling knowing your building didnt’ cost even close to 100 thousand dollars, and that you purchased it custom built and on great terms is so exilerating. Idon’t know about you, but I don’t like to spend too much. A person can live in high-end diggs and still be very modest. Not having a high payment, and paid off within a few short years, any of Classic Buildings portable rooms and storage sheds can be yours. Payment is everything to the budget-minded person needing a place to live or relax.

Your dream is just around the corner. Think about the peaceful feeling, that your new home or cabin retreat is just around the corner. It only takes a few short weeks for delivery. Call one of our locations now to speak with a portable building specialist. He or she will walk you through the simple process of customizing and paying for your new building.

What is it that you dream for? A new garage with room for a pool table inside? An addition to the kitchen so that you have more room to work and to grow spices? An outdoor playhouse for your grandkids? You are no longer able to work like you used to,otherwise you wouldhave built the room for yourself with a few buddies from work. You don’t think its smart to hire an expensive contractor that will literally tear your home and living space apart while they build that new kitchen addition.

There are options and we’re here to help. We can get you into the home of your dreams for a super-low down payment, potential free or low-cost delivery, and payments that you can afford over the next 3-5 years. Why take 30 years to pay a house off the size of a ranch when you really don’t have time to care for the ranch to start with? We’ll work hard to earn your good reviews and testimonials. Find your local portable buildings store locations by the find store locations link here:  Find store locations here

And remember, if you will, would you mind taking photos of the exterior and interior of the buildings you purchased from us?  We would appreciate it very much.