On September 14, 2012 I chose to use Steve McCrary’s new building for my “Building of the Day!” I thought his Facebook comment was so cute, I have to share it with everybody:
How about this for a beautiful building!


Steve McCrary I’ll take it!! The inside is very cool. Two 12′ by 2′ laminate covered shelves on each side. Ventilated ridge. Dual skylights. That foil stuff on the ceiling and the specialty flooring. It may look great from the outside, but it is a Cadillac on the inside. We can hardly wait till Wednesday.
September 14 at 9:46am ·

Classic Buildings, LLC I am so glad you are excited about it, just wait till Wednesday, then you will REALLY be excited!
September 14 at 10:41am ·

Steve McCrary Webb City will be a little prettier after Wednesday!
September 14 at 11:12am ·