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June 15, 2015

Celebrating Father’s Day – Classic Building’s-Style

Celebrating father's day
Happy Father’s Day to Kenneth Miller, our fearless leader, all the gentlemen and father’s on our team and to our customers. Thank you for all you do!”


Unique, affordable ideas for Dad this season

Celebrating Father’s Day is a tradition that many of us enjoy. Celebrate your families Father’s Day with the latest, unique, amazing and affordable gift ideas.

Shops and shopping centers are full of old and new gifts with different prices, but the really special ideas are unique and often hand-made. Plan your unique idea for a happy and fantastic upcoming day for Dad.  Make it a day he will never forget. Celebrate Father’s day in simple ways.

Massage Items

What a wonderful gift for Father’s day. We all want our father’s to relax. After all, they work so hard. 

Tool kits

What man doesn’t like tools? This year, purchase useful tool kits for Dad. Never overspend. Father’s appreciate thought and effort vs. high-priced, expensive items. Giving your heart, in thought and deed is what Dad really wants.

Desktop organizers

There are numerous ways to make unique desktop organizers for Dad.  Make this a beautiful, personalized gift. Whether Dad works behind a desk or in a field raking hay, Dad always has a desk at home or somewhere special to display your gift.  


Boring?  Not really!  It is fun to learn the history of “Father’s day”, considering in the United States there is a large percentage of persons who celebrate their father’s on this very special day. Here is a short history about a day which has become famous and celebrated in different countries all over the world every year.

There are a number of theories linked with the ceremonial honoring of our father’s. There are different ‘histories’ of this event to make note of. The 1st theory to about the celebration of Father’s Day was given on June 19, 1908 in Washington when an autonomous celebration of Father’s Day, one or two weeks later, took place on Jul, 5, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia.  Consequently, the first Father’s Day was known in West Virginia and was celebrated at the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South. 

One more influencing force that further reinforced the founding of Father’s Day was that of Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd. She gave homage to the idea of Father’s Day during listening to a Mother’s Day oration during 1909. It was her father who made the entire parental sacrifices as well as was, in the eyes of his lovely daughter, a spirited, selfless, as well as loving man. For this reason, since Sonora’s father was born during June, so she selected to hold the 1st Father’s Day commemoration in Spokane during June. The 1st June Father’s Day was famous on 19th June, 1908, within Spokane, WA, in the Spokane YMCA.  President Calvin Coolidge declared it a national holiday during 1924. During 1966, President Lyndon Johnson, by administrator issuance, introduced Father’s Day a holiday to be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.

This was a short history and some different philosophies about the Father’s Day which is celebrated throughout the world.  Whatever you believe, we continue to honor our father’s as leaders, provider’s, mentors in every way.  Happy Father’s Day – in a big way!

This years Father’s Day photo contest winner is Dawn L.  View all our photo entries by clicking here.


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