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A Raving Fan’s Journey to Building Ownership

✓     Research the 7 most important things to know when buying a building

Visit local Classic Buildings to:

✓     Meet a knowledgeable Portable Building Specialist
            *They were so friendly and easy to talk to!

✓     See the Quality of the buildings
            *Wow! They really are Built Better to Last Longer. You just have to see it to believe it!

✓     Determine the size and type of building that is the best fit for personal needs
             *This Ultra is just right!

✓     Select the best options to enhance the building
             *Simply cannot wait to have a cooler building and extra workspace!

✓     Request a Quote
             *That is truly the Lowest Cost of Ownership!

✓     Make payment
            *Super eager to have this new space delivered!

✓     Receive a Voucher for $150 towards a Portable Building Foundation!!!
            *Outstanding, what a bonus! Not only will I receive a superbly Crafted Building but can now
 SAVE BIG on Supporting the Building in Style! 

To join our group of Raving Fans, simply contact a Portable Building Specialist near you before September 15, 2016  to make your Building & Foundation Dreams come true!!! 

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