Cluttered Garage 5 Ways To Get Your Space Back

Does your cluttered garage need help? But does the thought of getting it de-cluttered leave you feeling overwhelmed or just not knowing where to begin? We’re here to help. Read on to discover 5 easy ways to transform your cluttered garage into a professional organizer’s paradise. If you need some extra storage for those things that you just can’t fit in your garage, contact Classic Buildings today and find out how easy it is to rent-to-own your very own garden storage shed.



1. Decide What to Keep, Donate, Recycle, or Toss

No matter how hard you try to organize the items in your garage, you will probably come to the conclusion that there is just too much stuff that you need to store in there to make it possible to have it completely organized. Take a look at everything that you currently have in your garage and think about what you want to actually keep there. You probably won’t have the space to keep everything in your garage, so you need to decide what makes the most sense to store there.

Clean as You Go

Kill two birds with one stone and clean your garage as you are sorting through your stuff. This will make it much easier to organize it later on. You will need a few supplies such as:

  • Heavy-duty trash bags
  • Boxes for donated items
  • Recycle bins
  • Brooms and/or a shop-vac
  • Gloves


sort items

Don’t keep anything that you no longer need


Donate, Recycle, and Toss

This step can be quite therapeutic, but you have to be tough! Be honest with yourself and be determined that if you haven’t used it and probably never will use it, then it needs to go. As you work your way through your garage, put all the garbage in the trash bags, anything that is still usable that someone else could enjoy in the boxes for donation, and anything that can be recycled, like empty plastic containers, in the recycle bins. Learn more about recycling here.

Be sure to wear gloves as you may come across some nasty things that you don’t really want to touch, and clean each section as you go.

2. Store all the Extra Things in a Portable Building

So, now what should you do with things that you don’t want to keep in your garage, but you do need to keep? The best solution to this common dilemma is to provide an alternate location for the things that you really don’t need stored in your garage. But instead of hauling all of your excess items to a public storage unit, why not invest in your own beautiful storage shed. And don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to purchase it outright. You can own a high-quality Classic Buildings portable building with no down payment and low monthly payments through our affordable rent-to-own program. Your payments will be comparable to a monthly storage facility rental payment, in a few short months you’ll own your building.

country barn display model

The country barn from Classic Buildings will give you lots of extra space for your things


3. Determine Your Layout


Put things that you use often in a place where it is easily accessible:

Once you have decided what should stay, designate different areas of your garage for specific purposes. For example:

Set up an automotive section:

If you like to do minor repairs or detailing on your vehicles yourself, it probably would make sense to store your car care and repair products there. Set up an automotive station in one section of your garage for this.

Set up a bulk purchases section:

If you like to buy food and household items in bulk and you have a door to the inside of your home in your garage, it might make sense to store the excess in your garage near that door for easy access.

Set up a sports section:

If you store your sports or gym equipment that you use every day or week, put it in a location where it will be easy to load and unload it into your vehicle. If you enjoy playing different sports throughout the year, you could set up a sports equipment station along one of the walls and rotate the current season’s equipment in and out. what you aren’t currently using can be stored in a bin or shelf on your ceiling.

Leave space for your vehicle(s):

If you decide that you want your car stored in your garage, make sure that your plan accounts for enough room to park your vehicle and for passengers to get in and out easily.

car detailing

Make room for detailing your car inside your garage


4. Make Use of All of Your Ceiling Space

Using your vertical space is a great way to maximize the total storage area in your garage. Remember, however, that the things that you store up high, especially those that you suspend from the roof will take a little extra time for you to access, so think carefully about what you will put there. Seasonal items that you only need to get at once a year are a good choice. For example, you can store all of your Christmas decorations in overhead bins. You only need to pull out your ladder and get them down and put back once a year.

Install Shelving Over the Garage Door

The space above your garage door is often overlooked, but don’t miss out on utilizing this spot as well. It’s actually a great place to build some custom shelves. The following video gives you a fast action version of how easy it is to make your own.


Don’t forget to use your space over the garage door for extra storage


Install Simple Tracks to Hang Overhead Bins

All you need are some 2 x 4s, plywood, screws, measuring tape, and plastic storage bins to make a great spot to easily slide and store decorations, clothing, camping supplies and anything else that you previously kept stored in cardboard boxes.


5. Create Organizing Systems along Your Walls for Ease of Access


Install Pegboard on Your Walls:

A Pegboard is a great garage storage solution as it is relatively easy to install and it is easy to change up its layout as your need arises. It makes the perfect place for hanging up your tools, so you can easily find them and put them away again when you are finished. This following video will show you how easy it is to put up your own.



Keep your tools organized and easy to find using pegboard


Install a Storage Unit for Your Sports Equipment:

If you are not the DIY type, that’s okay. There are lots of different types of storage units that you can purchase and simply install in your garage. A sports equipment storage unit is perfect for keeping all of your sporting items together and protected. The below example can be purchased from Home Depot.


sports equipment wall storage

Keep your equipment safe and organized neatly on one of your walls – Image Source: Home Depot.


Other Storage Ideas

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Classic Buildings: The Best Solution for a Cluttered Garage

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