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Classic portable buildings are not only perfect for personal storage solutions – they also make great commercial sheds. In this series, you’ll find out how business owners are putting Classic Buildings custom made sheds to good use in their businesses. In this first installment, you’ll learn about how Tim Thoennen, owner of Caspers Conoco, has used his Classic Buildings shed as an awesome store room for his extra product and supplies. Contact Classic Buildings today to find out the unique and cost-effective ways our buildings can solve your company’s space and facilities problems.


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owner tim of caspers inside

Tim Thoennen uses his Classic Buildings shed for extra storage for his busy convenience store


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Commercial Sheds: Used as a Store Room by Tim Thoennen

Tim Thoennen, owner of Caspers Conoco in Linn Missouri, loves his Classic Buildings Shed! He uses it as a storage space to store extra stock for his busy convenience store. Tim needed extra storage space for his store, but instead of going through the expenses and upheaval of building a costly addition, he purchased a high quality lofted barn from Classic Buildings.


lofted barn as store room

Tim and his staff can quickly enter the shed, find what they need, and get back to their customers as fast as possible


Tim and His Staff Have Easy Access to Their Extra Stock

Tim has twenty people working at Casper’s Conoco at different times of the day and night. Having a highly organized storage shed has become a great asset for Tim and his staff. Everyone knows where everything goes in the shed, so that means if they need something to stock in the store, they can quickly enter the shed, find where it is, and get back to their customers as fast as possible. This makes for a first-rate customer experience.


commercial sheds


Tim has assigned each of his suppliers their own spot in the shed for their products


Tim’s Suppliers Each Have Their Own Section of the Shed for Their Product for Easy Ordering and Deliveries

Tim’s suppliers enjoy the convenience of his storage shed as well. Tim has assigned each one their own spot in the shed for their products. Whether the vendor is from Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc, their pre-sales team can enter the shed, go right to their spot, and quickly determine what the store needs for an order. When the deliveries come, the drivers know exactly where to leave their products, which means Tim’s staff don’t have to waste time moving it later.


caspers conoco convenience store

Having the extra space allows Tim to purchase stock for his store in bulk and save


The Extra Space Allows Tim to Buy in Bulk and Save Even More

Having the extra space has made it so that Tim can purchase stock for his store in bulk, which in turn lowers the cost of these items. He is now free to go to food shows every year and buy all of the food that they will sell in the store for that year. As the stock comes in each month, he now has a place for them. And buying in larger quantities means that he can get a discount on his purchases including soda, juices, cups, lids, containers, and seasonal stuff that he carries each year.


owner tim of caspers

Tim can store everything from the promotional items to the kitchen slow cookers in his shed


“The Value and Quality of This Shed Has Been Amazing!”

According to Tim, “The Value and Quality of This Shed Has Been Amazing!” It has been a tremendous help for him by giving him a place to store everything from the promotional items to the kitchen slow cookers from their breakfast and Caspers deli items. They also use it to store any items that they can’t keep in the store. For example, if they have a breakfast and they need the extra cookers, they can easily access them in the shed.


commercial sheds

A portable building will cost you less than adding on to your premises


Advantages of Purchasing a Portable Building from Classic for Your Business


It will cost you less than putting on an addition:

On average, adding an additional room onto your existing facility can run anywhere from $20,923 to $66,808 depending on the size you need. A similar sized Classic Building portable shed will cost much less than that. Get a no obligation quote now.

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It won’t interrupt your business:

You won’t need to put up with the upheaval of adding onto your business, either temporarily closing down while it is being completed or having your business interrupted by construction crews completing the work.

Your premises and stock will not be damaged or dirtied by construction:

Classic can construct your custom portable building at our site and deliver to your site, safe and sound.


Classic will deliver your new portable building right to your location – no stress, no hassle


Our self-contained delivery trucks are uniquely designed for hassle-free installations:

Our experienced and conscientious staff knows how to safely deliver your new portable building with minimal to no disruption to your property or business.

Low monthly payments:

If you don’t want to pay for your building outright, you can choose one of our financing options such as our rent-to-own program. You can pay for your building in low monthly payments with no down payment necessary. Simply make your first two payments and your building will be delivered to you.

Fully customize your shed to suit your business:

You can have your building fully customized to the exact size, layout and design that will suit your business needs perfectly.

Classic Buildings: High-Quality Commercial Sheds for Your BusinessMissouri Home Shows

If you are looking to purchase a high-quality storage shed that will give you the extra storage you need for your business and is guaranteed to last, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you. Our sheds are built using the same process for building a home. Choose from either a metal or shingle roof; they’re the same price!

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide! We will deliver your shed right to you and we offer free delivery of up to 30 miles from any one of our showrooms.

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