free building winner

“Meet Bob Moore, our happy 2014 free building winner!”








Congratulations to Bob Moore, our 2014 free building contest winner.  You look so happy standing in front of the free building you won.  We are happy for you!

Thank you to all who entered and do not forget.  2015 is just around the corner. You could be our next big winner. Enter our 2015 free building contest now for a chance of winning your own free building.  Oh, and please do not forget to pass the word along.  Send a link to our free building page to all your co-worker’s, friends and family.  Share our link on your facebook or other social media so that they too have a chance to win big.  Even if you don’t win, someone you know might.

Again, congratulations Bob Moore for your big win.  We know you are excited to use your building. Please take photos after you’re finished with your storage, or let us know what you will use your building for.  We are sure others would love hearing from you.

Each of us can congratulate Bill by posting to this blog page.  Let him know how happy you are that he is Classic Buildings latest and greatest winner!

Hi Kenneth. I was very glad to receive my new building I won in the 2014 free building giveaway. I remember purchasing my first building from you, back in 2009. I entered the drawing while browsing your website for another building. Just so you know, the building I won will be used for winter storage. My John Deer Gator, lawn more and other seasonal items need to be protected from the weather. I am building a work bench across one end, which will be used for my hobby bench, restoring Stanley wood planes or other. I certainly do appreciate the quality of materials you use at the workmanship of your team builders. I truly don’t think the quality can be beat. And, the customer service was great! The delivery man was awesome and so were the fresh home made cookies he brought with him.

Thank you so much Classic Buildings. I will never forget this experience.
Bob Moore