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We love photos of our buildings showing how they’re being used. Thank you Lori, for sharing!

We’re always overjoyed to get customer accolades, and photo’s showing their beautiful building landscaped, and interiors too.  Take a look at how Lori worked hard on the dollhouse look of the building she purchased from Classic Building’s.  Her note to us is much appreciated.  It’s obvious she is happy with her purchase.

Greetings, (From Lori Kovar to Classic Building’s)

I wanted to send a note along with some pictures of just how darling my shed turned out.

I at first chose the dollhouse design on it’s looks only and not practicality but ended up deciding that headroom and storage was a must. I was needing a shed that was both cute & practical. With the help of your design team in the Belleville, IL office, I was able to design my own shed. I loved this flexibility! 

My husband did a wonderful job building a porch and extending the landscaping out so I could have some growing room for some climbing roses and clematis.

Last but not least ~  I wanted to let your team know that we have had several compliments from our Family, Friends & Neighbors on our shed and it’s design.


Kind Regards,

Lori Kovar

Metro East Illinois

Thank you to the Swansea Illinois Classic Buildings store for helping Lori get into the building of her dreams.

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