Classic space

Marsha Hack turned a simple lofted barn into a Classic Space

Classic Spaces humble beginnings

Marsha’s wasn’t the first entry into this years Classic Spaces competition; however, Marsha Hack did provide a delightful look at what can be done with a simple small barn.

One of the main reasons we developed this campaign for “Classic Spaces” is to show the scope of interior design and landscaping of simple portable buildings.  The examples in Marsha’s gallery are beautiful, tranquil and what I call a place of real retreat.  Showing what others have done with small spaces is getting a lot of attention these days.  From tiny houses to large warehouses, Classic Buildings no longer builds  “just” storage sheds  The quality caught on and the general public is appreciative.  We would like to thank all the entrants of this year’s Classic Spaces competition.

In Marsha’s own words, “I would like you to know having this barn has changed my life in so many ways!   I don’t know how I managed my home and yard without it!   Buying this barn has been one of the smartest decisions I have made for my home.   Everybody that sees it loves it and I love having it! ”  Thank you Marsha.  I have to say that your space looks refreshing. Wish I were there!

Marsha Hack – Classic Spaces

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