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Doering shed

The Doerings needed a custom shed to fit their backhoe



The Doerings Needed a Shed to Store Their Backhoe and Other Equipment

The Doerings built a beautiful custom home on 9 acres and they purchased a John Deere Loader backhoe to use on their property. They wanted a shed that could accommodate the backhoe as well as all of their other gas-powered equipment like their lawn mowers and other outdoor power tools. A standard sized shed door would not have been high enough to allow Dennis to drive his tractor inside with the backhoe attached.

Classic Buildings Had the Knowledge to Build Them the Shed They Needed

The Doerings said that James, the independent sales rep from Classic Buildings, understood exactly what they needed and knew what had to be done to give them what they wanted. Classic installed a special roll-up garage door at one end of the Doerings’ shed that is large enough for the tractor and backhoe to be easily driven inside and made the necessary structural changes to the building required to support a door of this size. The Doerings also have a double barn door in the side of their building for additional access.

Classic customized the shed to match the Doerings’ home as closely as possible with the same siding that is on their house and a paint color that was incredibly close as well.

Classic installed a special roll-up garage door large enough for the tractor and backhoe to be easily driven inside

DIY Interior Finish

As Dennis is a handyman, he has chosen to finish off the interior of his shed himself and the knowledgeable staff at Classic has given him some suggestions, such as putting down a water sealer on the floor for added protection. Dennis is just waiting for a warmer day to do that.

He is also planning to install a loft with several dividers to house the accessories for their tractor, backhoe, snow blade, and mower deck. In addition, they are planning to store chain saws, blowers, log splitter, three lawn mowers, and other miscellaneous yard tools.

The Doerings will also install shelving and cabinetry as well to house their sharpener for sharpening their tools, chainsaw blades, etc. Dennis is planning to make and install a workbench inside his shed too.

A Successful but Challenging Delivery

When asked about the delivery process he said that “it was harder on them than on me.” The Doerings’ new shed is really tall and they have low wires on their property. The delivery specialists from Classic, however, had guides on the roof so they could go under the wires smoothly and they didn’t have to disconnect any wires.

Dennis had poured a foundation for his shed ahead of time and he said that it was a tight spot so they had to do some fancy maneuvering to get there, but the gentleman who delivered it was so good that he placed it “right dead square on the location.”

Watch a Classic Buildings Delivery

Classic is “Top of Everything” and “Far More Invested”

When asked what he thought set Classic apart from other shed building companies, Dennis replied that they were personally more involved than the other shed company he bought from in the past. His previous building is still in pretty good shape, however, he thinks that the Classic one is the “top of everything that he has bought.” He was also impressed that the Classic reps were on-site for the delivery.

His wife felt that the gentlemen from Classic were far more invested in the process than the companies that they worked with in the past. Dennis said that he knows if he calls on Classic for any reason, he will get good services, however he doesn’t anticipate having any problems or that he will need to call as his new Classic Shed is so well made.

When asked if he would recommend Classic Buildings to his friends and family, Dennis said “absolutely – no hesitation at all to recommend them.”

Classic Will Build the Shed You Want

The beautiful thing about purchasing a shed from Classic Buildings is that we will do what you want. We will work with you and help you design and receive exactly the type of shed that you need. If you are a handyman, and would like to do some of the work yourself, that’s okay! We can make suggestions to help you do this.

If you would like us to customize and finish off the interior for you by adding a workbench, shelving, or more, we can do that too. We’re here to help and work with you.


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