August 22, 2016

Foundation Education

When I was approached to write about our Classic Buildings Portable Building Foundations I felt a bit apprehensive. The reason for this feeling was because I work as an assistant. As such, I know very little about building construction. After thinking things over, I realized maybe I am actually a good choice for this assignment because my foundation knowledge level is potentially similar to that of the average customer. By me doing some research, talking to some of our knowledgeable staff members (who ARE the experts) possibly, just possibly I could save someone some time and help bridge the gap to better understanding!

Instinctively, I believe that no matter our background, we all know foundations are important. For me, with my musical brain, the subject brought numerous songs swimming through my head from a childhood of church camp summers. To summarize just one:

“The Wise man built his house upon the rock…the foolish man built his house upon the sand…
the rains came down and the floods came up…
the house on the rock stood FIRM…and the house on the sand went SPLAT!”

The next wave to hit my mind were sayings like:

“A building is only as strong as its foundation”

I even imagined how a tree with a foundation of shallow roots would not survive an aggressive storm well. When you think about it, foundations are not just crucial for one’s faith or a tree they are important in any worthy aspect of living. A few examples are: family, businesses, nations, and of course our homes. Foundation strength is imperative to the success and longevity of whatever is being supported because one thing is absolute, life will shake things up on us. As for our structures, our planet will shift, sway and swell. Weather will add additional pressures. When those things happen will we be prepared? 

I spoke with one of our Regional Managers to gain some insight about how to best insure of a solid foundation and what we offer as a company. He explained that our buildings can be placed anywhere but to provide the strongest structural support and maintain the efficient use of a building a good foundation is definitely needed. Also, I learned, the larger the structure or the more weight that will be contained within it will increase that necessity. Why? Because the drawbacks to NOT having a solid foundation are plentiful when settling inevitably occurs: windows and doors can become misaligned, cracks may occur in the walls, floors will sag or slope, and also sometimes warranties can become voided. 

To prevent those undesirable things from occurring in buildings and protect a customer’s investment, Classic Building offers FREE SITE VISITS  to assess a customer’s property and can advise several options for building foundations based on what is needed. A few examples are below: 

Gravel Pad


Cement Pad

Cement Foundation

Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall



Gravel Pads don’t eliminate all settling but reduces the impact of settling and are a good option.

Retaining Walls are sometimes needed and they help hold the gravel pad and buildings weight.

12″ diameter concrete pillar Piers are the best option because they are embedded 3 ft. underground and will not freeze and break; providing a stable footing for the structure. 

Lastly, the Founder of Classic Buildings, LLC, Kenneth Miller, states that, 

“We offer portable building foundations because we want to ensure our buildings last for a lifetime.”

We truly want to help you protect your building dreams and investment, avoid the folly of the “Foolish Man” and insure your building stands firm, so now through Sept. 17th we are offering a $150 discount voucher with the purchase of any Classic Building.

Get your Voucher!

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