Sara Falch and family, on their beautiful land in Missouri

Sara Falch and family, on their beautiful land in Missouri


Free building winner – Sara Falch

Last year was exciting for the Falch family. Not only are they last years winner of our free building giveaway, they were well into an exciting project moving to new, beautiful property in our very own midwestern state of Missouri. The Falch’s are the quinticentual Midwestern family, who love family, and the outdoors. However, they weren’t prepared for a building, free or not. They weren’t prepared to have the building delivered, not yet anyway. There was the obvious planning to do.

Here it is, on delivery day, and the Falch’s celebrate. Just imagine, winning a free storage shed or portable building?

I remember speaking with Sara, in September 2015, after she was announced the winner of our Classic Building’s yearly building giveaway. What a nice lady. When Sara received, in her words, “The astounding news.”,  the flurry began.  The free building was a cool addition to what they already had going on. Sara was very appreciative of what they won. She was charming to speak with and is truly a deserving winner.

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“Sara on day of delivery”

free building

Another view of this lucky winners free building”

It took a while for delivery, given the circumstances and the move. The property wasn’t ready. In the months to come, after landscaping begins, Sara promised to share photos.  We will stay tuned in to Sara’s story.

Please congratulate the Falch’s for their finished project and if you haven’t entered this year’s free giveaway, please do. You can’t win, if you don’t enter.