We are constantly looking for pictures and testimonials from our customers, and have decided to give you your choice of 4 vacations, when you take a photo of your Building and upload it to the Classic Buildings Facebook page along with a short testimonial. (Minimum of 15 words)

You get your choice of;

3 nights in Vegas

9 day 8 night cruise

3 night stay in Orlando

or 4 nights in a Cancun resort.

For simply 10 minutes of your time you will earn this FREE Trip, so don’t delay, do it today. This offer Expires on Sept 30th.

Here is the Link to our FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Classic-Buildings-LLC/195686975171 or you can also go to your own page and simply search for (Classic Buildings, LLC).

You will need to click the Like button on our page before you can upload the photo.

Offer Expires on Sept 30, 2011.