Garage Storage Tips You Need To Implement

It’s spring cleaning time again, so if garage storage is high on your list of tasks to tackle this year, here are some great tips to help you finally get your garage organized and make the most of your space. If you need some extra space, a storage shed is a perfect option. Find out how affordable a high-quality Classic Building shed can be. Contact us today for a free quote and ask about our incredible Rent-to-Own program.


Garage Storage Tips

Get your garage completely organized and more useful with these great time and space-saving storage tips.

Tip #1 – De-Clutter and Store Necessities in a Storage Shed


Purchasing a storage shed is a great way to get the excess out of your garage and your car inside – Image Source: Classic Buildings

The first thing you need to do before you actually start to organize your garage storage is to decide what you actually want or need to keep in your garage and what should be stored elsewhere. You may have items such as bikes, gear, lawn machinery, tools, furniture, and old tires in your garage that don’t really need to be there. If you would like to park your car in the garage to protect it from the elements and haven’t been able to, then you might need to get rid of a lot of stuff. Be ruthless and throw out or donate anything that you don’t actually use or need. The items that you do need to keep could be stored in a storage shed.


Tip #2 – Install a Customizable Slatted Wall


Customizable slatted wall

This clever garage storage system easily changes as your needs change – Image Source: the Family Handyman

A slatted wall is a super feature for your garage storage. You probably find that the items that you are storing vary over time, so the beauty of this customizable storage system is that it can change as your needs change. This clever system allows you to quickly and easily move the hooks and shelves around whenever you want. Find out how to build your own with only a circular saw and drill in the post Customizable Garage Storage from the Family Handyman.


Tip #3 – If You Don’t Want to Build It, Buy It


garage storage

Extra shelving is key to effective garage storage – Image Source: Home Depot

Installing garage storage shelves is key to getting your space organized. If you aren’t the DIY type or you just don’t have the time, there are lots of storage shelf options that you can purchase to do the trick. The above example from Home Depot is easy to assemble and requires no tools. It can hold up to 4,000 lbs, so it’s ideal for all of your heavier items and the rolling casters means that if you need to move it later on, you can easily do that.


Tip #4 – Store Your Seasonal Decorations in Protective Fabric Bags


Christmas decoration bags

Fabric bags will keep your decorations dirt and dust free – Image Source: Wayfair.com


Protect you seasonal decorations by storing them in handy fabric bags. They are perfect to keep disassembled artificial trees together and they will keep your decorations free from the dust and dirt that can build up on them when they aren’t in use. They also look better than cardboard boxes and their handles make them easier to move around. You can purchase these bags from Wayfair.com.


Tip #5 –  Use Your Ceiling Space to Store Lighter Items


garage ceiling track storage

It’s easy to make ceiling tracks to store your bins overhead – Image Source: the Family Handyman


Here’s a great idea to make the most of your garage storage space from the Family Handyman. Install 2 X 2s onto your ceiling. Use the edge of your plastic storage bins as a guide for how far apart to place the 2 x 2s. Then screw 1 x 4s in the center of the bottom of the 2 x 2s. You can now easily slide your bins along the rails that you have made. Make sure you label the bottoms of your bins so you know what is inside each one.


Tip #6 – Make Use of the Space above Your Garage Door


Don’t waste the space above your garage door – install adjustable shelving there


Here is another option for overhead garage storage. There is a lot of wasted space where your garage door opens up, so why not take advantage of that space and install a ceiling storage rack above to keep things that you don’t use every day, such as camping gear. Make sure to purchase an adjustable one so that it will fit above the door when it is open. The above video will show you how to install one yourself.

Tip #7 – Install a DIY Magnetic Shelf for Smaller Items


A magnetic shelf is perfect for storing smaller items


This final tip is a great idea for your small items that can get lost in your big garage. Make and install a handy magnetic shelf to store your screws, nails and anything else that can fit in a jar. Add in some hooks to hang up other items such as safety goggles and work gloves under your shelf and use the top of your shelf for extra storage. Learn how easy it is to make in the above video. It’s made by converting 2 IKEA knife racks into the magnetic shelf using scrap board, brackets, large washers, containers, and E6000 adhesive.


Need a Garage? Classic Can Build You a Custom One You Can Afford

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Get Your Extra Stuff Out of Your Garage and Into a Classic Building Storage Shed

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Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depends on the size of your shed.

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