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December 11, 2017

Garden Shed Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

Guest Post – Written by Tim Moore

garden shed tips
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The time of year has come to start packing up the gardening equipment for the season. It is important to do this soon if you live in an area that has a good deal of snow in the coming months. The last thing you want to do is start digging in snow to find your garden hose. Think of the effort spent in looking for the best garden hose, hand trowel and pruners. You wouldn’t want your tools damaged because you didn’t store them properly.

If you have accumulated more garden equipment over the summer, odds are you are looking at your storage area and wondering, “How are you going to put all that stuff away for the season?” Do not fret, because we are here to help.

Use Pegboard

peg board
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A great way to organize your shed or storage space is to use pegboards on the walls. If you can cover the extent of all the walls with pegboard, that might work out the best. Once the pegboards are up, you can start putting in pegs to hang whatever you need to keep in your shed. This will keep your shed neat looking as well. Gone are the days of leaning brooms and shovels in the corner.

Jar It Up

glass jars
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Our sheds are filled with little things like screws and nails. These always end up loose on the floor or mixed in the drawers of your tool cabinet. Put items in mason jars, to keep things organized.

If you want to keep the jars organized, you can create your own hanging jar organizer. This is super easy. All you do is get a shelf and screw the jar lid to the bottom of it. Then you screw the appropriate jar into the lid, which will be filled with you nails or screws. When you need something you simply unscrew the jar.


storage shelves
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When you are planning on maximizing storage space, the best way to do it is with shelves. You can put full shelving units in your shed or if you want to attach them right to the wall after you install your pegboard. Here are the different types of shelves available.

Fixed Bracket

These types of shelves are made of metal or wood and can be fixed directly to the wall of your shed. They can also be a solo unit or connected to other shelving units to create a multi-unit storage shelf.

Corner Unit

Shelving units that fit into the corner are a great way to utilize space in your shed. They take a hard to use space and give it purpose. There are many styles of corner shelves available. For shed use, metal or plastic would probably work best.

Free Standing Shelves

These are a great choice for storage units and sheds. They come in all materials, sizes, and colors.

Tool Box

tool box
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If you don’t have a tool box, it is time to get one. There are small ones you can carry to your job or ones that have wheels on the bottom. The key is to know what you are using it for. Since this one will be spending its time in your shed and/or yard, make sure to get one that can handle the elements.

Keep Chemicals Safe

chemical safety
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Sheds are also home to toxic chemicals used around the garden. Maybe you have some paint or weed killers or even some gasoline for the lawn mower. These items can be very dangerous, especially when they are kept in small spaces. They can burst into flames or leak, which would contaminate everything around them.

These items should be kept in sealable storage containers. Then they should be tucked away on the floor opposed to a top shelf. Keep these chemicals in a cool area and out of the sunlight.

Use Crates for Cabinets

plastic crates
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Liquor stores are constantly getting shipments of wine that are stored in amazing wooden crates. If you can get a few of these, they make great storage units inside your shed. They can be stacked and, if possible, they can be nailed or screwed directly to the wall. This is a great way to create cubby holes and small storage areas of easy organization.


construction worker
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There are all kinds of ways to maximize your storage space for your gardening and/or outdoor supplies and the ones we mentioned should give you a good start. So, do you think you can now work on organizing your shed space on your own? Let us know if you have more tips you’d like us to add and of course, feel free to share!

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