Garden Storage your 5 best options

When looking into outdoor garden storage, there are many options to choose from. The best choice for each individual may vary depending on many factors such as budget and yard space. The number of items needing storage can also help you determine which garden storage option is right for you. This article compares the top 5 storage methods: garages, public storage, outdoor sheds, storage bins, and outdoor storage. For more information on outdoor storage options, contact Classic Buildings today! 

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Garden Storage – Top 5 Best Options Comparison

Check out the comparison chart below to see the pros and cons as well as best uses and price range for each garden storage option. 

garden storage comparison chart

Top 5 Garden Storage Options

Still unsure about the best storage option for you and your needs? This section takes a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of each option. 


garage storage

Pros: Many homes come with an attached garage, making garages an ideal storage solution for many homeowners. There are many customization options available for garages, such as additional hooks, shelving units, and cabinets. If you do not have an attached garage, there are also detached garages available.

A well-built detached garage can last a lifetime and provide significant storage space for gardening equipment, heavy machinery such as ride-on lawnmowers, and other vehicles. Though detached garages can be a pricier option, they are an ideal long-term storage solution. Purchasing a high-quality garage will ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Adding a garage to your property can also increase your home’s value. Garages are a great long-term storage solution.

Cons: Garages, both attached and detached, can have some downsides. If you choose to use your garage for additional storage, it will limit the amount of space you have to keep your car or other vehicles. Garages can also become easily cluttered and disorganized. A poorly built detached garage can end up costing you even more in the long run when extensive repairs or maintenance is required. Even attached garages can have problems over time, which may require repairs and maintenance

Public Storage

public storage

Pros: Public storage is a popular short-term and long-term storage option for many people. Public storage units greatly vary in size and quality. A small, simple storage unit may cost only $30.00 a month. A larger, climate-controlled storage unit can cost over $300 a month. Climate control can also ensure your items stay in perfect condition. The huge range in price and quality allows individuals to select a storage unit that is perfect for their budget and needs. Public storage is also one of the most secure storage methods. Most storage facilities have surveillance cameras, secure doors and locks, and security personnel on site. 

Cons: However, even small monthly fees can add up over time. Unlike the other options listed above, you do not own your storage unit. Storage units can be a great short-term storage plan, but may not be practical in the long run. Public storage is also the least convenient method, as you have to drive to the storage facility in order to get your items. When storing items needed on a regular basis such as gardening items, tools, or machinery, public storage can be frustrating. 

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Storage Bins

Pros: Storage bins are a cost-effective storage solution. Even extra large bins usually cost no more than $300.00. You may choose to keep storage bins outside, or you can use storage bins inside a garage for additional security. Storage bins come in a variety of materials, but most bins today are made from plastic. Storage bins are a great choice for those with smaller yards or limited yard space. They can quickly and easily contain all your gardening tools and equipment such as seeds, hoses, small shovels, and more. Storage bins are accessible and easy to stack and store when needed. 

Cons: Storage bins offer very limited security on their own. There are very limited, if any at all, customization options with storage bins. They cannot contain larger machinery or an excess of items. The avid gardener would have a hard time exclusively using storage bins. Storage bins are best used for short-term storage or in addition to other storage such as garages or sheds. In harsh weather, these storage bins may become easily damaged and allow moisture to seep in, potentially harming your items. 

Outdoor Storage

outdoor storage

Pros: On a limited budget or have a smaller yard? Many choose to store their gardening items outside. Outdoor storage looks different for each individual. Some choose to build their own tool rack or shelf attached to the side of their home or as a standalone project. Outdoor storage can cost nothing at all if you use leftover materials from around your home. Even if you purchase materials, most simple DIY projects won’t cost much more than $150.00 in total. Outdoor storage can work well in very dry, hot climates. It can also work short-term during the warmer seasons for other locations.

Cons: Outdoor storage provides almost no security. It is also not a good choice for rainy, humid, or snowy climates. Moisture and/or the cold weather can cause tools and other equipment to rust or break. Even in hot and dry environments, storing your items outdoors can leave them vulnerable to other elements such as wind or pests. Outdoor storage should only be used in the right environment or short-term in other climates.

Outdoor Sheds

Garden Storage

Lofted Garden Barn by Classic Buildings

Pros: Outdoor sheds can be the perfect long-term storage solution for many different needs. A well-built, high-quality wooden storage shed can last a lifetime. Storage sheds come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. This allows individuals to select a storage shed that is right for their needs, property, and budget.

Sheds, especially wooden sheds, are highly customizable. This allows for easy additions of shelves, pegboards, hooks, and other organizational add-ons to help keep all of your outdoor items safe and organized. Sheds are easily accessible and a convenient way to store all of your outdoor items. Outdoor storage sheds can also be an attractive addition to your home, and can even raise the value of your property. 

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Cons: With an inexpensive shed, you often get what you pay for. A building that lasts a lifetime will cost more upfront but will last longer and require less maintenance and repairs down the road. Poorly built sheds can require significant maintenance over time. Depending on the size of your lot, a storage shed may not fit well or take up too much room. A low-quality shed may also leak or allow moisture in, potentially damaging your items. Purchasing a high-quality shed with a warranty is the best way to avoid these problems. To find out if an outdoor shed is right for you, call on the professionals at Classic Buildings today!  

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