Dena Kouremetis, Forbes contributor, writes about some of the reasons working from home may diminish one’s productivity:

It isn’t about being able to babysit and conduct business all at once. “Having a home-based business is not an excuse to save the expense of a babysitter,” says Roni Reese, a senior contracts analyst who is now a grandparent. “You simply cannot concentrate 100% on what the kids are doing as well as give your all to what you are supposed to be doing.  Do the math.”

She further writes:

Being home-based does not mean your family understands how a legitimate business should be conducted, according to Anne Sandler, business coach and professional speaker. 

Working from home can blur the lines between being at home, and being at work, something that can clearly affect your productivity as an entrepreneur or a home-based employee. A houzz.com article says that a big advantage of working away from home is the mental distance one is able to create from the responsibilities of home that makes it possible to focus clearly on work. The distractions of working at home, however, do not take away from the many benefits you can get from it, such as cost savings, flexibility, and convenience.

Hence, to create that mental distance between home and work without actually leaving home, some experts recommend setting up an office right in your own backyard. With the many portable and modular structures that are now available around the country, this is not as much of a challenge as it may appear to be. Attractive Missouri portable cabins, from reliable suppliers like Classic Buildings, can be the perfect solution for anyone who wishes to run a business from home. These cabins are just the right size for a small office, with room to spare for extra storage.

Quality portable cabins in Missouri that can serve as home offices may also be customized to meet your workspace needs. These units can be wired for power and equipped with your preferred insulating materials. Some even come with a loft that you can use for extra storage, or a place to power nap when you find the need to rest and be refreshed.

(Info from Home Sweet Nightmare: What Not to Do When Working from a Home Office, Forbes)