Spring fever anyone?

The transformation spring brings is beyond amazing. Spring is a season of new beginnings, fresh changes in the earth and within ourselves. Spring represents a season to clean out the old, and bring in the new. No wonder, everyone seems to enjoy this time of year. It feels so good.

This spring, Classic Buildings has a special promotion to welcome our new Garden Cottage and Breckenridge building styles. As a way to welcome spring, starting April 1 thru May 14th,  Classic Buildings is giving away a workbench-slatwall combo with the purchase of our cool newly designed Garden Cottage or Breckenridge building. Feel free to chat with someone in our new live chat, or contact the location nearest to you now by clicking here and learn more how you can have your very own free workbench.

How to get your free workbench?  (read more)

Introducing two beautiful, new classic building designs

Receive a free workbench with the purchase of a new Garden Cottage or Breckenridge building.  Purchase either building between April 1st and May 14th 2016 and the workbench is yours for free!

final poster

Garden cottage


We all know, spring is all about warmer temperatures and a marked increase in rainfall, which soften the ground for rebirth. For those, who love to garden, you know exactly what time of year it is. You’ve waited for spring to bloom, for hope eternal, in your vegetable and or flower garden. You plan on eating healthy this year and need a place to store your garden goods, and or outdoor equipment. That’s why the garden cottage is so special, and that is exactly why we’re promoting it.




Part of an awesome spring awaking comes with reorganizing and cleaning.  We all know the benefits of staying organized and our Breckenridge is a featured Classic Building that will look classic in any backyard. The Breckenridge will awaken your spring spirit and fever.


From the family of Classic Buildings, “Welcome to our Spring Sale”!

For more information, chat with a member of our team in our new live chat,  or contact the location nearest to you now by clicking here