Metal Buildings VS Wood Buildings 

Stuck trying to choose between storage building materials? Both metal and wooden sheds or storage buildings come with their own list of pros and cons. Deciding on the best option for you depends on your personal preference, budget, and specific needs. The following comparison will help you determine the pros and cons of each building material. You can also contact Classic Buildings today and we’ll help you find your perfect storage solution. 

Resistance To The Elements 

Portable Metal Buildings VS Wood Buildings

No material is perfectly resistant to everything nature can throw at it. However, some materials are naturally more resistant to the elements than others. As you might imagine, wood buildings are an attractive home to bugs of all kinds and are prone to rot if not properly maintained or if purchased from a low-quality company. 

Metal buildings are naturally insect and rot resistant. That’s not to say you’ll never see a spider’s web or a wasp’s nest in your metal shed, but metal just does not have the same appeal to insects as wood does. Over time your metal building may begin to rust and corrode, especially if you live in a rainy climate.  

Winner: When it comes to resistance to the elements, it seems that metal and wooden sheds tie. With proper maintenance and care, you can avoid rust and corrosion with metal sheds, and you can avoid rotting and insect infestations with wooden sheds.


wood pile

Any well-built, high-quality shed will be strong and durable – but which material comes out on top? Wooden sheds are known for their strength and versatility. Wood is heavy and tough. Wooden sheds won’t blow away when a strong wind comes by, and you won’t ever have to worry about a wooden shed falling over. 

Metal sheds can also be strong and durable. Metal sheds resist extreme temperatures. They won’t warp in cold or hot weather. However, most metal sheds are made of light enough material that they can easily be moved from place to place. This is great if you’re moving to a new home or location, but not so great when it comes to the shed’s durability. Metal sheds are not resistant to extremely high winds. In order to keep your shed strong during a windstorm, reinforcements are sometimes required. 

Winner: When it comes to durability, wooden sheds are the clear winner. Though metal sheds can be tough, a well-built wooden shed is guaranteed to be tougher. 


saving for a new shed

Metal sheds are known for their lower costs and affordability. Metal is a cheaper material and if you’re on a tighter budget, it often makes economical sense to go with a metal building. When you compare metal sheds with all other building materials, metal sheds are always the cheapest. 

Wooden sheds tend to be more expensive, as wood is not a cheap material. Wooden sheds can also be customized, and therefore more expensive. However, wood is not unaffordable and since size and features are customizable, there are rent-to-own options, and it’s easy to find a wooden shed that fits your budget. 

Winner: When it comes to price alone, metal sheds are the obvious winner. However, if you consider “bang for your buck,” a high-quality wooden shed definitely beats out a metal one. With all the features you want and the knowledge that wooden buildings will last much longer than metal buildings, you can rest assured that you made the right choice. 


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Though some people don’t mind taking a few days in the summer heat to re-paint a wooden fence, deck, or shed, others prefer little to no maintenance options. Wooden sheds, like all other wooden products, do require maintenance. Wooden sheds often have shingles that are expensive to replace. However, if you purchase from a reputable manufacturer, there should be a warranty on shingles. Keeping your shed safe from insect infestations and rotting can take some effort, and a fresh coat of paint every so often is necessary. 

Metal sheds require almost no maintenance. They never require painting and you won’t have to worry about frequent pest control. Though metal sheds can rust, dealing with rust or corrosion is not expensive or time-consuming. 

Winner: When it comes to little to no maintenance, metal sheds are the winner. 

Customization and Appearance 

custom built shed

As mentioned above, wooden sheds are easy to customize – whether you purchase your shed already customized to your liking, or add on the final touches yourself. It takes little skill or effort to add in hooks, shelves, or even a workbench to your wooden building. Wooden buildings can also come in any colour you like, with or without windows, and come in a wide variety of sizes. In terms of aesthetics, wooden sheds are known for their beautiful, classic appearance. 

Metal buildings are not easy to customize. However, if you plan on getting a portable metal building exclusively for storage, this may not bother you at all. Adding in shelves or hooks is not as simple with a metal building, as drilling holes through metal can be complicated. Metal sheds are not known for their aesthetics. However, many manufacturers are now building their metal buildings with a coating to enhance their looks.

Winner: When it comes to both appearance and customization, wooden sheds are the winner. They are easy to customize and look great in any yard. 

Quick Comparison

metal buildings vs wood buildings

Who’s The Winner? 

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There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both building materials. Metal buildings are often a good choice as they are easy to maintain and cost-effective, but with a wooden building you’ll get the most for your money when it comes to customization, durability, and aesthetics. For more information about different types of sheds, check out our ultimate Shed Buyers Guide!

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