Rotorua residents struggling with overcrowded homes are considering renting portable cabins for extra sleeping space.

The portable cabins, which are similar in size to a small bedroom, can be rented for about $60 a week.

They come with a fire alarm and are delivered to people’s properties. Most are fitted with carpet and can be hooked up to a power source.

Rotorua portable cabin suppliers say people are renting them out for offices at home, using them as extra rooms to rent out to students or using them as extra space for over-crowded homes.

Industry NewsHowever, budget advisers say there are more practical housing options available.

Rotorua and other cities in New Zealand have an overcrowding problem in their housing sector. This extends to health issues as well, with 10% of hospital admissions there coming as a result of diseases contracted because of too many people in small spaces. As the country struggles with this, families have found a solution in an unusual form: portable cabins.

Most people rent them, paying their dues every week, providing a flexible option for shelter. Despite the government’s state housing program, they still see portable cabins as a way to diffuse crowded living spaces. These units can come complete with electricity and ventilation and this is why demand for portable cabins in the country is staying high especially for indigenous folk.

Overcrowding isn’t much of an issue in the U.S., but the number of extended families living under one roof has been growing since 2011. If needed, extra space may come from several sources such as home additions or Missouri portable buildings. While the former can cost thousands and can take a long time to construct, the latter is pretty cheap and is very easy to set up because the parts come ready made.

You should consider quality portable buildings in Missouri for other purposes as well, since they’re very versatile and durable buildings. You can use them as temporary bedrooms for visiting relatives or friends or even as alternative forms of shelter when placed on high ground in case your home is compromised by flooding or other weather related issues.

(From Portable cabins prove popular in Rotorua, Rotorua Daily Post, March 26, 2013)