A variety of stored goods were pilfered and are feared to be lost for good, reports The Independent:

Over the last two months, some of the burglaries and damage to storage units have been on the same dates and at the same locations. At least one storage unit business has been burglarized more than once recently, he said. Units all over town have been hit.

The items that are missing from the storage units include a variety of belongings such as fishing gear, tools, electronics, clothing, collectibles and jewelry, Elliott said.

Industry News“There’s no rhyme or reason to it, which makes them difficult to solve,” he said.

Some storage unit burglaries might go undiscovered for weeks, which means any evidence could be lost to time, he said.

The conventional storage unit is always going to be severely limited. Setting aside the security of these units, which is already being brought into question by the alarming rate of thefts that involve them, there is also the issue of privacy. When people choose to store their belongings in these units, they are resigned to the fact that their private possessions are also being made known to virtual strangers. In an age where the value of privacy has never been greater, opting for something that is more personal and more reliable stands out as the better option.

Moreover, with the climate in Missouri being generally humid and subject to extremes, residents have to be more wary about their possessions. In this regard, Missouri portable shed providers have a leg up on conventional storage units because the conditions in them are usually pretty dire, with holes and cracks being an all too common sight. Those structural imperfections carry the risk of water from a storm getting in and ruining furniture and electronics while fragile items such as vases and lamps can break easily during a hailstorm when placed inside.

The portable storage buildings provided by manufacturers such as Classic Building Sales don’t need to face this issue since they are always sturdy and soundly constructed. Portable sheds in Missouri are commonly found to feature parts that are designed to be secure enough to deal with burglars and weather phenomena. This can allow owners to situate them nearer for easier access and easier placement.

(From Storage units targets of recent burglaries, The Independent, August 21, 2013)