Springfield Missouri State Fair

A Classic Building’s Tradition

The Missouri State Fair 2015, will be held in Sedalia, Missouri starting this week August 13, 2015 through August 23rd. Tagged as the “Show-Me Tradition”, we’re in for a great time as always.  The Missouri State Fair is committed to family fun and down home traditions. Classic Building’s will be offering promotions that aren’t offered any other time of year. To receive the discounts offered in this years promotions you must attend the fair and visit with us in our air conditioned space. Yes, we’ve made the space comfortable for you to sit, relax, and learn more about Classic Building’s.

Kick the dust up at this years Missouri State Fair.  There is always plenty to do, including all types of musical talent on the big stage. Enjoy our own cash booth event, everyone’s favorite fair past time.  Who doesn’t like to grab as much money as possible as it swirls around in a booth?  Don’t miss this one.

As always, free entertainment and competitions are the fair highlights.  The Missouri State Fair mission and vision are clear from their website (click here) , considered an agricultural classroom there’s plenty to be learned.  An all-time favorite family event with a vision of excellence.

It’s a Classic Building’s Tradition Too!

This years discounts and fair highlights and event

  • Visit us in our air conditioned space for special discounts
  • Cash-grabbin’!  Indulge in our cash booth. Our cash booth represents the type of promotion people love most, the type they can dig their hands into.

Promotion details:

10’ Wide Buildings —-250.00 in free options
12’ Wide Buildings —–350.00 in free options
14+ Wide Buildings —–500.00 in free options

(This set of discounts expire on Aug 31 2015)

We look forward to seeing you at the Missouri State Fair 2015!

More information on the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri 2015

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