garden shed

One of Classic Buildings’ most popular storage sheds, the garden shed!

We’re preparing a 12 x 16 garden shed for free delivery as we speak. This years winner of the Classic Building’s free building giveaway 2015 is …

Sara Falch!

It’s official!  The winner of this year’s free building giveaway from Classic Building’s is the Falch family of Desoto, Missouri. I just spoke with Sara and she couldn’t be happier. What a good day to give away a free garden shed. While we read through the terms and conditions together, during the announcement phone call, I could hear her breathing heavy.  Maybe she was speechless, as breathless as I was when she heard the news. She was truly very excited and wouldn’t anyone be?  After all, you don’t win a free building every day.

Congratulations to the Falch family, enjoy your building and don’t forget. You will be getting a congratulatory call from our CEO, Kenneth Miller very soon. We will work out the details to personalize your favorite colors for the 12 x 16 garden shed we will delivering to your door. Remember we love photos and video so we will be doing plenty of press on the delivery and set up of your new Classic Building.

From each of us at Classic Building’s we thank you for entering. We are people-people and enjoy speaking to all our entrants. We can’t wait to see the look on your face when we roll up with your garden shed aboard.

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Photos, commentary, video and press will be released as information is updated.