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April 14, 2018

Outdoor Sheds Roof Repair – Top 5 Videos

An outdoor shed roof repair is not something you should put off, especially if your shed is housing some of your prized possessions. It can be a challenge to know exactly how to repair your shed and whether or not you could even attempt it on your own. We’ve put together 5 of the top outdoor sheds roof repair videos that you can find online to help you with repairs from shingled, metal and even plastic roofs.  If your shed roof is beyond repair and you are looking to purchase a quality new outdoor shed, contact Classic Buildings today. Find out how easy it is to “Rent To Own” your own garden shed.

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1. How to Fix Roofing Shingles to Your Shed

Why It Makes The List: I don’t know about you, but when I hear a British accent I’m more inclined to want to listen. So, the pleasing British accent won me over from the start on this video. The pacing on the video is slower, so you don’t feel like you are being bombarded with too much information at one time, but it does keep moving at a comfortable pace with no overly long and unnecessary segments. The video deals with re-felting (or tar papering as it is also called) your shed as well as applying mineral granular coated shingles. It shows how to work with felt roofing shingles in both hexagonal and rectangular shapes and finishes with ridge detailing.

The filming angles are very clear and easy to follow, showing each step of the process. The video shares lots of handy additional tips throughout which will help you out if you are attempting this job for the first time. 

The Main Takeaway: The best tip of the video is to cut your shingles on the reverse side. Once you slice them on the back, they should easily snap apart. This method is also much easier on your knife.

Video Maker: IKO PLC

2. Repair Roof Shingles

Why It Makes The List: This video deals with replacing missing asphalt roofing shingles with a step by step guide. It teaches you how relatively easy it is to perform a DIY roof repair when you have missing or broken shingles. The video clearly steps you through the process, from separating the tabs of the overlapping shingles, removing the damaged shingle to replacing it with a new one of the same color.

The Main Takeaway: If you are working in a colder temperature, it is important to lift up the shingles that you are working with slowly and carefully as they tend to get brittle and can snap in the lower temperatures.

Video Maker: Roof Repair

3. Repair Metal Roofing Panels with Aluminum Roof Coating

Why It Makes The List: This next video is very helpful if you have a metal roof on your shed that has a few rusted sections. It’s great to know that there is a way of repairing that doesn’t involve replacing all or some of the metal panels. The video takes you through the steps of preparing the surface, cleaning it properly, patching it with elastomeric, and then painting with an aluminum roof coating.

The Main Takeaway: Repairing rusted areas on your metal shed roof is a temporary measure that will get you through a couple of years depending on where you live. If you live in a saltwater environment then your roof will rust faster than in other environments.

Video Maker: Practical Roofing Concepts

4. Suncast Garden Shed Roof Repair

Why It Makes The List: This video deals with fixing a problem with a plastic shed. This particular type of shed had translucent plastic panel along the peak of the roof which over time and exposure to UV rays began to crack. It is difficult to find videos dealing with roof repairs on plastic sheds so this one has been particularly helpful for several of the viewers. It also has an accompanying video update taken a year after the original one which is very interesting to see how well the repair has held up over time.

The Main Takeaway: Clear plastic on a roof that will be exposed to 10+ hours of sunlight every day is not the best idea. If you are in the market for a new garden shed, you probably want to stay away from this design.

Video Maker: R Brown

5. How To Tell If You Need a Roof Repair

Why It Makes The List: Our final video is extremely helpful in that it explains how you can tell if you need a roof repair. Now I know that strictly speaking this isn’t a video about outdoor sheds roof repair, however, the tips and advice given are applicable to both homes as well as sheds.

The Main Takeaway: Just because your roof is relatively new doesn’t mean that it may not need repairing. This is because poor installation in the first place can be a common cause of roof damage. To prevent this make sure that you purchase an outdoor shed that has been well constructed by craftsmen who care about the work that they produce.

Video Maker: ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati

Is Your Shed Roof Beyond Repair?

There may come a time when the cost and time involved in repairing your shed roof is simply not worth the investment, especially if there are other parts of your shed that need repairs. If this is the case, make sure your next shed is so well made that you won’t have to worry about another repair for a long, long time.

Looking For The Highest Quality Outdoor Sheds? 

Missouri Home Shows

If you are looking to purchase a high-quality outdoor shed that is guaranteed to last, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you. Our sheds are built using the same process for building a home. Choose from either a metal or shingle roof; they’re the same price!

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide! We will deliver your shed right to you and we offer free delivery of up to 30 miles from any one of our showrooms.

If you would like to take a look at Classic Buildings’ storage sheds, check out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand! 

“Your company produces such a quality storage building! You can tell that quality went into it because the quality just shines through it. Even the delivery was a class act. All of you do a great job.” – Rick Franklin
 Read more testimonials here!

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