Permanent Garages

These larger 2-3 car garages are custom designed and built on site by our construction crews on your property.

Modern garage with blue exterior and tan doors.
Basic 2 Car Garage

Why Choose A Permanent Structure

  • Custom built to match your home style
  • Built on your site
  • Adds value to your property
  • Accents your home

Types of Garages

Basic 2 Car Garage

Basic Garage

Attic Garage

Lofted Garage

Attic Garage

Attic Garage

Modern garage with blue exterior and tan doors.

Modern Garage

Learn Our Process

Step 1. Free Assessment

Fill out online form to request a customized quote.

Step 2. Free Site Evaluation

A Building Specialist will come to your site to inspect, measure and determined perfect placement.

Step 3. Free in Person or Virtual Estimate Meeting

We will provide an all-inclusive quote for the project

Step 4. Project Starts on Site

A dedicated Project Manager and their team starts working.

Step 5. New Building!

Your building is ready for use.

Free Assessment

Step 1.

Fill out our online form to request a customized quote. One of our local building specialists will reach out to assess the specific needs of your project.

Our Building Design Specialist, are trained to engage with you in your project, understand your goals, and help visualize the end product as you see it.

This can start with a short phone call; we ask a few questions, listen to what you want to accomplish, answer any questions you have, and help determine the next step.

Free Site Evaluation

Step 2.

A highly trained building specialist will come to inspect and measure your site to determine the constraints of your project and the perfect placement for your building.

No yard is completely level. We provide more than just a building. If you get a beautiful building and your foundation is not properly prepared, it may not look quite like you expected.

Our Building Design Specialists are trained to measure the grade in your yard and help you understand what looks best and how we can help with providing a good foundation for your building.

Free In Person Or Virtual Estimate Meeting

Step 3.

We will provide you with an itemized, all-inclusive quote for your project customizations.

Project Starts On Site

Step 4.

Your dedicated project manager will start working on-site with their team to complete your building. 


New Building!

Your building is ready for use!