getaway tiny house

Phillip & Cathy Harris are now enjoying their wonderful getaway home


A Tiny House Getaway Dream Come True

Phillip and Cathy Harris wanted a beautiful tiny house that they could use a a getaway. They contacted Classic Buildings and asked them to build them a custom tiny home. It’s situated on a small bluff overlooking a large piece of beautiful landscape. Phillip finished off most of the interior himself.  Take a look at the finished result.

Their kitchen is really quite lovely and extremely functional. They chose lovely white appliances and coordinating grey cabinets that fit the space perfectly. Their small but practical tiny home-sized oven and fridge along with plenty of counter space for food preparation complete their lovely kitchen area. Take a closer look at their kitchen.


The Harris’ installed a sleek, rounded shower in the corner of their quaint bathroom to give them all the space they need to comfortably move around. Their back bedroom has has a generous storage/utility cupboard plus wardrobe even there’s even enough space for a full-sized bed and big comfy chair.


Phillip also built a ladder that you can use to climb up to the wonderful extra living space in the loft. They will use the loft for extra storage and a place for guests to sleep. The loft pictures will give you a better sense of the beautiful wood that he used for both the ceiling and the flooring. What a wonderful guy to have around!


Would you like your very own custom-built getaway? Classic Buildings would love to build one to you exact specifications. Just let us know what you would like and we will make it happen. Contact us today for your free quote and find out how affordable a tiny house can be.

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