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April 8, 2022

What to Keep in Mind When Planning to Build a Tiny House

Tiny homes have many uses. They are common for people who want to have an off-the-grid lifestyle and are used in tackling the issue of homelessness. 

As the popularity of tiny homes grows, designers need to be aware of their specialties to stay competitive in this growing industry. We have listed valuable tips below to help you design and build an amazing tiny house.

Think Outside the Box

While there are some real obstacles with tiny home design, the possibilities are endless. Expect to work with clients who have extravagant tastes and ideas. They want to design their tiny house to reflect their personality and style. Working within the confines of a tiny home, you must develop ways to achieve the design and style that clients want.

Use Materials That Expand and Contract

Wood, plywood, vinyl, and concrete countertops are materials that expand and contract with changes in humidity. Materials that do not expand and contract are concrete, bricks, and clay. When designing a tiny home, use expanding and contracting materials where you want the walls or countertops to move. Tools such as heaters and humidifiers are also available to help keep these materials stable.

Use Lumber Wisely

Using lumber to build a presents a challenge that is unique to this industry. Tiny homes are much smaller than typical homes, which means less lumber. Deciding where to use lumber is an important decision. Encourage your clients to think about the structural components of their tiny house, such as the walls and roofs, and make sure to use lumber accordingly.

Do the Math

Plan your tiny home to make sure it will be able to fit your needs. Don’t forget that you can make the space smaller by reducing the size of the pipes, wires, and ducts that you need to install. Unit piping, for example, can save you up to 50 percent in material needed for piping installations.

Make Your Tiny House Functional

Tiny homes are often built in a very small space. This can be a challenge for tiny house designers who must make the space functional while still creating an attractive design. A tiny house doesn’t have to be a compromise. When designing a room, there are several factors to consider. 

For example, you can use a clever design to give the illusion of more space. In the kitchen, cabinets can be wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, making it seem like there’s more room for storage. Unique lighting design can also help make a space feel larger.

Be Energy Efficient

Budgets for tiny houses are smaller than budgets for average homes. This means that builders and designers must look for ways to be energy efficient without breaking the bank. Make sure you create energy-efficient designs for tiny homes that allow homeowners to keep their energy bills low.


As you can see, there are many things to keep in mind when designing a tiny home. However, tiny homes are a growing industry. The market is looking for builders, designers, realtors, and homeowners interested in tiny homes. Even if you do not have previous experience building or designing, you can still be a valuable asset to tiny home projects and benefit from this expertise.

If you are looking for tiny homes in Missouri, turn to Classic Building Sales. We aim to be the best in the portable building, garage, and cabin industry through the talent of our dedicated team. Find a location near you today.

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