Portable Buildings Photos The 7 Best Portable Buildings To Get Ideas From

Investing in a portable building is a great way to make extra space for visiting friends and family and when you aren’t entertaining it can also give you the extra storage you need, but they can also be used as a shelter for livestock or even a guardhouse for your business. To help you choose a portable building design that suits your requirements, we’ve put together a collection of 7 of the best portable buildings that we could find. From utility sheds to lofted barns, you are sure to find a building that you can use. If you are looking to purchase some extra storage, contact Classic Buildings today. Find out how easy it is to “Rent-To-Own” your own portable building.

Looking For A Portable Building? 

Portable Building Photos

A portable building is a structure that is designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. They are usually planned for the continuing purpose of being easily moved in one piece from one location to another. There are many different types, sizes, and shapes of portable buildings, each one having its own purpose. Whether you require storage for extra household goods, a place to house overnight guests, protection for livestock, or something else, the following photos should give you a good overview of the wide range of portable buildings available today.

1. Custom Designed Utility Shed

Features and Unique Characteristics

This beautifully designed utility shed has huge end double doors and a ramp to make it easy to move your larger items in and out. A smaller front door is centered between two aluminum windows to let in lots of natural light. It is designed with an additional overhead storage loft equipped with a working loft door for easy access from the outside of your building. Heavy-duty classic hinges and a lockable door latch will keep your possessions secure. What makes this shed really unique is the quaint roof overhanging a lovely verandah and rich brown siding with coordinating cream trim. This shed would also make a wonderful extra space for visiting relatives or overnight guests and would look great in any backyard setting.

Source: Classic Buildings

Animal Shelter

Features and Unique Characteristics

This portable animal shelter would be great for protecting your horses from the elements. It’s roomy enough for two horses and is constructed with 6 X 6 pressure treated skids. The metal roofing and siding are manufactured on-site at Holden Colony. Whether you are on a farm or you just have horses as pet, this enclosure would be a wonderful choice in either setting.

Source: Holden Colony

Victorian Kennel Dog House

Features and Unique Characteristics

If your dog is a special part of your family, then why not treat him to a beautiful outdoor home of his own? It will provide him with all the comforts he deserves and it will become a gorgeous focal point in your backyard. This lovely cape cod style dog house can be purchased fully assembled or as a DIY kit from Rock Star Puppy Boutique. It features a human-sized dutch door on the side as well as 2 working windows with safety glass, grids, and screens. In addition to housing your pooch, it will also make your bard garden look quite classy and unique.

Source: Rock Star Puppy Boutique

Lofted Barn Shed

Features and Unique Characteristics

This wonderful lofted barn has ample storage space, with 6’4″ walls, to house all of your recreational equipment such as bicycles, skateboards, and even 4 wheelers, not to mention all of your gardening tools. The handy double doors and ramp allow for easy access to move your larger items in an out. It also features additional storage space in an overhead loft which is perfect to hold items that you use less frequently. This barn would be a great addition to any back yard.

Source: Dutch Country Sheds

Portable Garage

Features and Unique Characteristics

If you have the space on your property, and you need some extra storage, why not consider getting a custom built garage to house not only your vehicle but also all of your tools and sporting equipment? The above design from North Country Sheds features a double wide garage door as well as another side door entrance. It also has 3 windows to provide plenty of natural light. This great custom-built garage has plenty of space as it measures 24′ by 24′ and you can choose from 21 different colour options. Have one of these garages built to fit at the end of your driveway and start enjoying the extra space it will give you.

Source: North Country Sheds

Multi-Use Fiberglass Portable Building

Features and Unique Characteristics

This strong and rugged portable building can be used for a variety of purposes such as a guardhouse, kiosk, or portable office. Its lightweight fiberglass structure and modular design make it lightweight and portable. It comes with the option of insulated panels, perfect for the colder weather. This building is very easy to relocate and enlarge if your situation and requirements change. If your business needs a bit of added security, this portable guardhouse will do the trick nicely and keep your employees happy as well.

Source: RM Products Ltd.

Fabric Covered Buildings

Features and Unique Characteristics

If you need a much larger portable structure, a fabric covered one might be the best solution. These huge yet portable enclosures are great for large equipment storage, housing livestock, or even as extra warehouse space. The frames are made with the most advanced steel bracing and are designed to stand up to the rigors of North America’s wind and snow. They are as durable as traditional metal buildings but are considerably easier to relocate. These portable buildings would be a great addition for extra immediate storage on any farm or for a growing business.

Source: Absolutely Covered

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