Prefab homes─ also known as portable homes, mobile homes, and modular homes─ are the easier and greener way to housing construction. This was the consensus of experts interviewed by Alyssa Karas for her article in utsandiego.com. According to these experts, the streamlined process involved in constructing portable homes allows architects and builders to control the amount of waste generated.

Ms. Karas further reports that, contrary to what many people might think, newer prefab homes no longer conform to a strict “cookie-cutter” mold, but actually have enough flexibility to be customized. In the state of Missouri for example, portable buildings may be used for various purposes such as a barn, a shed, or any type of outbuilding. In fact, portable cabins in Missouri may also be used as a guest room, a storage area, or even as a getaway place for families on lazy weekends.

prefab homes

According to Ms. Karas’ article, in addition to the streamlined construction process, portable homes also benefit the environment by being energy-efficient. With the right insulating materials, as well as a smaller area, portable homes do not require a lot of energy to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Additionally, prefab homes are built in conformance with local building codes, so they are expected to be just as strong, if not stronger than, regular on-site homes.

The image of being “cookie-cutter” homes also no longer holds true for many portable buildings. Some of the most attractive portable cabins for sale in Missouri, similar to those constructed by Classic Buildings, have charming features such as a porch and a cathedral ceiling. Additionally, these cabins have been designed to accommodate customization.

If you are interested in buying a portable home, you should ask a reputable contractor about their available customization options. Choosing window designs, adding more shelves, and incorporating a skylight, are just some of the many alternatives you can consider. Additionally, in purchasing a portable home, the costs involved are fixed, with little room for the variables that one often experiences with on-site home construction.

The many desirable features and benefits of portable cabins make them highly cost-effective investments. As a highly versatile structure, you can use your cabin for as many functions as you may need. Additionally, by investing in a portable home versus an on-site one, you are also helping in protecting the environment.