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If you’re the type of person that’s looking to get the most out of your cabin, the Lofted Cabin is the perfect choice. The attic truss maximizes your space for storage or an extra room. It’s the perfect choice for a permanent residence or a gorgeous guest cabin.

Sizes starting at 20’ x 20’


  • 9′ Ceiling
  • 2×4 Studs 16″ on center
  • 50 yr 7/16″ LP Smartside Panel Siding
  • Engineered Trusses 24″ on center
  • 8/12 Roof Pitch
  • Attic Truss w/Storage Floor & Access Hole
  • 5/8″ OSB Roof Sheathing
  • House Wrap
  • Shingles w/Felt Paper
  • Full Length Ridge Vent
  • 12″ Overhangs with Vented Soffit and 6″ Facia
  • Built on Concrete Floor – Concrete priced after a FREE site evaluation

I wanted to take a chance to tell you how much better you are than your competitors! I had purchased a 26 ft hunting cabin/shed from Derksen, the building itself was inferior, and quality was far below that of the one you just delivered to my home last week. After 2 tears it was starting to come apart at the seams, not to mention it was damaged upon arrival and was met with empty promises and Un returned calls! I am very happy with the product I purchased, and will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for a shed/ portable building. Also I would like you to know I work customer service and was raised my a father who made it very clear to me my entire life how important the person is, not how important the “customer” is, and the delivery driver Merle was very friendly, helpful and in my opinion an amazing asset to your team. We as Americans don’t usually make such a big deal about good customer service, but I feel that it is getting fewer and farther between when we find exceptional care, and that is what I received from your team, and thank you!

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Contact your local building specialist for additional customization options.


  • 9′ Porch Roof connected to sidewall
  • 2-3’x5′ Low-e Vinyl
    Insulated Windows
  • 100% Acrylic Paint with 25 Yr Warranty
    (16 color choices)
  • 2-30″x40″ Low-e Vinyl
    Insulated Windows
  • Rough Interior Wall Framing (includes finish framing)
  • Storage wall built on second story floor
  • 100% Acrylic Paint with 25 Yr Warranty
    (16 color choices)
  • Metal Roof with 40 Yr Warranty
  • 2-3068 9-lite House Door




  • Taller Walls
  • Cathedral Ceiling
  • Below Frost Line Foundation w/ Concrete
  • Roof Pitch Change
  • Porch Roofs
  • Crawl Space Foundation for Wood Floors
  • LP 7″ Lap Siding
  • Dormers
  • Monolithic Pads
  • LP Cedar Shake Siding for Gable Ends
  • Skylights
  • Excavation
  • Decorative Trim
  • Cupalos
  • Concrete Walls for off-level grades
  • Wainscoating
  • Dormers
  • Concrete Patio for Doors and Porches
  • Rustic Urethane Paint
  • Stairways with handrails
  • Driveways
  • Custom Paint Match
  • Wood Sub-floor or Second Story Floor
  • Coordinate with Plumber for Plumbing
  • French Doors or Sliding Doors
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Piers
  • 32”x32” Kitchen Low-e Vinyl Insulated Windows
  • Architectural Drawings and Permit Services
  • 12”x30” Bath Low-e Vinyl Insulated Windows



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