As people accumulate more stuff in their homes, they soon run out of attic or basement storage space and may require larger storage facilities. Storage sheds offer an economical solution to this problem primarily because homeowners can build one themselves. However, this usually results in a shack that doesn’t match the home’s outdoor finish and pales in comparison to those built by professional builders like Classic Buildings. Linda Ulrich, reporter for the Lincoln Journal Star, writes that a growing number of property owners opt for stylish (rather than utilitarian) sheds:

These upscale sheds can resemble miniature houses. Some of the more elaborate ones replicate the architecture of the main house, whether it is Tudor, prairie-style or uber-contemporary. These often have interior lighting, sidewalks or paths and attractive landscaping. This type of shed typically has a shingled roof with a steep pitch, dormers or lofts, and four or more windows. The doors can be single doors with hardware with locking latches, sliding “barn doors” or French doors.

“Versatility” remains the watchword for these outdoor buildings, regardless of their aesthetic appeal. Aside from storing the usual power tools, gardening equipment, and the like, storage sheds from Missouri can be big enough for motorcycles, ATVs, and smaller vehicles, essentially becoming secondary garages. Some can even be converted into greenhouses to suit the needs of gardeners and vegetable-growers, especially in small-scale farms.

In fact, one group of people who would benefit greatly from storage sheds are the so-called “beginning farmers” who make up about 10 percent of the country’s farming industry. Such farmers typically operate in farms that average 174 acres in size, which means they barely have enough space to store their farming equipment properly, let alone build a separate storage facility. For these farmers, compact and prefabricated portable sheds offer an excellent solution.

Most companies that build sheds in Missouri base their designs on the specifications and needs of each client. These include seemingly mundane features like vented windows to regulate indoor temperature as well as aluminum frames to enhance durability. While anyone with the right skills and tools can build their own sheds from scratch with these additional features, professional builders like Classic Buildings often do a better job.

(Info from Some backyard sheds do the job with lots of style, Journal Star, October 12, 2013)