You never know when a prefabricated shed may come into play as a reserve supply for fuel, food, or water in the event of an emergency. According to an entry on SurvivalBlog.com:

The world runs on petroleum. Imagine a post-apocalyptic period when the local gas station is closed, and has been for two years. How will you carry out your daily activities? Generate electricity? Pump water? Plow your garden, or fields? All of these can be done by hand, and have been for thousands of years. Modern life has given us tools to help with these chores, and we can store the tools, and the food for them, for quite awhile. Gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, Coleman® fuel, and other petroleum products – all can be stored.

Industry NewsFor long term survival purposes, only one vehicle fuel is worth talking about: Diesel. Why pick diesel fuel? Simply, because it stores so much better than gasoline. It offers better mileage in similar vehicles than gasoline would (so you get more bang for the storage volume).

Survivalism is a way of life for many Americans and the state of Missouri has several communities of “preppers”: those who dedicate time and effort for preparing for a major catastrophe. Although some may be misunderstood, you may be struck at the level of perseverance they exert. Even though the possibilities of a worldwide collapse in some form are low according to experts, as the world’s supply of natural resources becomes thinner, it may be prudent to at least have something in reserve.

One of the most important things you’d need is fuel; people seem to underestimate its importance, but you should keep in mind that without it, the modern world can’t function. Since it is a volatile substance, you will need a secure place to keep it in. It may altogether be possible to rework structures built by makers of sturdy storage sheds in MO like Classic Building Sales into worthy units that can store diesel or gasoline in case the peak oil crisis does indeed set in.

Some quality Missouri storage sheds are also capable of storing alternative means of transportation that can become important for off-road travel, such as ATVs and motorcycles. A support structure on your property will be one of the most important facilities you’ll ever have because it would contain essential items to get by.

(From Fuel Storage for Survival Retreats, Survival Blog)