Rain, and hail, and weather alerts, Oh MY!

While I cannot speak for all areas across our great state, I know we have had our fair share of rain here in the Kansas City area as of late. So much in fact, I even quipped to a friend the other day that perhaps we had somehow been transplanted to Seattle!

Gloomy days can result in bored kids, drizzly weather can delay projects, and severe weather can damage vehicles and equipment.

pink plhIf the rain is getting you down perhaps that portable storage building you have been considering is the answer. An outdoor playhouse offers a safe, dry place to entertain squirmy youngsters and grant some peace and quiet for parents!  Keeping your projects on track will be simple in a backyard workshop, potting shed, or studio! A new shed or garage will provide shelter from the storms to keep your valuables safe and organized!

Classic Buildings is ready to combat the storms through some major savings and storage solutions! From June 1st to July 15th customize your new building (aka: safe haven) with 5 or more different upgrade options and receive 25% off of each one!

Awesome options like Advantech Floors will keep your space dry while our Vented Skylight skylightwill provide some extra light on cloudy days and will release heat when the sun does finally decide to reveal itself again. Our Building Specialists will help you select the best options to suit your personal needs. Contact us today to escape the spring rain and alleviate the summer heat!