Shed Size Guide: 10×10 shed, 10×12 shed, and up to 14×32 shed

Finding the perfect shed starts with finding the perfect shed size! At Classic Buildings, we build all sizes! “Don’t ask us what we have…tell us what you need!” Our standard buildings start at 8×8 and go all the way up to 30×40 and even larger, with dozens of sizes in between. This handy shed size guide will give you an idea of what size may be best for you. But remember, the sizes we offer are not limited to this chart! Contact us today if you have any questions about our shed sizes or if you are ready to buy your very own shed! 

Shed Size Guide Comparison 

The shed size guide below will help you determine what size is best for you, your needs, and your property size. For a larger version of the guide, click the image below! 

shed size guide

Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large Sheds

Each shed size comes with its own pros and cons. This section will cover the differences between small, medium, large, and extra-large sized sheds. Understanding your personal needs, budget, and yard size will help you decide which size is best for you. 

shed size guide - small sheds

8×8 Utility Shed by Classic Buildings

Small Sheds 

Storage Space✓ – ✓✓ 

Yard Size: Will fit in any sized yard, ideal for smaller yards. 

Usage: Perfect for storing smaller items such as tools, gardening equipment, and/or a lawnmower. Because of the limited space, can only be used for one purpose. Ideal for families that do not need additional storage space. 



medium size shed

12×16 Utility Shed by Classic Buildings

Medium Sized Sheds 

Storage Space: ✓ – ✓✓✓

Yard Size: Can fit in most sized yards, ideal for medium-large sized backyards to avoid taking up too much of your backyard space.

Usage: Perfect for storing almost all outdoor equipment including gardening tools, hoses, bicycles, lawnmowers, power tools, etc. Depending on the exact dimensions, can be used for both storage and as a small workspace. Add some windows and a mid-sized shed can be a good workshop, art room, or office space. 


large storage shed

12×24 Lofted Barn by Classic Buildings

Large Sheds 

Storage Space: ✓✓✓✓

Yard Size: A large shed will fit best in a large – extra large sized property. If not, a larger shed may end up overwhelming your yard.

Usage: Can be used entirely for storage space, entirely as a workshop or office space, or as a multi-purpose building. Can be used to store large equipment such as a tractor, and, with the proper additions, can even be used a small barn. 


extra large shed

14×32 Quaker Shed by Classic Buildings

Extra-Large Sheds 

Storage Space: ✓✓✓✓✓

Yard Size: Will not fit in a smaller yard, must be placed on an appropriately sized property. If used as a cabin, it may even have its own property. 

Usage: The perfect multi-use size, an extra-large shed can even be used as a tiny house or a cabin! With an extra-large shed, there is no need for public storage and you will not have to worry about whether multiple large objects will fit inside. 


The Difference With Classic Buildings


No matter what size you choose, the team at Classic Buildings will help you throughout the entire process. From the planning stage to the delivery process, we will ensure that you end up with the building that suits all of your needs and preferences. Buying the perfect shed size is important! A shed that is too big may take up way too much space in your yard. A shed that is too small may leave you with the same problem you had before – not enough storage space! Our team works with you to ensure your building is both structurally sound and will meet all your storage and usage needs. 

Ready For Your Very Own Shed?  

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If this guide has helped you decide which shed size is best for you, or if you still have questions about the perfect shed size for your needs, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you! 

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed. Make sure you know the requirements of your area to avoid fines.

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