ATR Towing – Main Office Building

ATR Towing needed a portable building that they could use for their main office. Classic Buildings was able to custom build an office for them that fit their ideal layout exactly!

Need an office space or more office space for your business? Contact Classic Buildings today. We can custom design an office for you to at a fraction of the cost of an addition.

Clark and Rita Fobian – Recreational Retreat

The Fobians were wanting a retreat home where they could go and enjoy time fishing with their grandchildren on their property near Benton Springs. Classic Buildings built them a two-story Country Barn that Clark says is so structurally sound that it will be able to handle lots of weather, snow, and different environmental hazards over the years.

Need a place where you can escape and relax? Contact Classic Buildings today. We can custom design a retreat home for you and your family at a price you won’t be able to beat!

Mazzio’s Pizza – Extra Storage Space

Mazzio’s Pizza needed extra storage space for all of the dry goods that they couldn’t fit in their main restaurant building. The building specialists at Classic Buildings determined exactly what they needed and built them a storage space that is the perfect solution to their storage requirements.

Need additional storage space for your excess supplies and product? Contact Classic Buildings today. We can custom design additional storage for you that will cost you much less and be done much faster than an addition!